Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We should all do a little better!!!

**Warning..I ramble a LOT here!!

After reading the Starkville Daily News articles on the fires Monday I have just become more and more heartbroken for these families. I am such a worrier and I worry about those surviving this tragedy. I know I can pray..but those of you that know me well...know I want to be right there holding their hands and I don't even know them!! It has frustrated me to the depths of my soul that there is a comment about "no maintenance complaints are recorded" from any of these people. I understand they've written both sides of the story, tenants say they've complained numerous times, and landlord says there is no record. I appreciate both sides speaking their peace about it...but I feel it's insinuated that since there is no record they must not have complained.
To me, if the neighbors were having to sleep with an oven on to stay warm at night bc the central heating unit wasn't working...surely they complained to someone!!!! Especially when they pay rent and fixing the repair would not be their cost. My first thought was, "just because you don't have a record doesn't mean they didn't complain!! Someone just didn't write it down!!" Which would be a reason it would take weeks for repairs...no good records on file!!

I'm really tired of peoples lack of efforts to help one another in this society...especially when they're being paid to do a job! In the last year or so I've been ran over so many times by people that were ugly, unprofessional, rude, down right mean, and those people were in jobs of customer service and the medical field. I won't let it happen anymore that's for sure!!
Almost everyone reading this would never have known this happened, but in April of this year I had a HORRIBLE experience with Dr. Cain at our hospital. I sat on the edge of a bed while Drew laid in his hospital bed with pneumonia and asked Dr. Cain for help. I asked for help changing to a local oxygen company and he refused..saying he didn't know "those people" and he wasn't calling them. I began to cry after asking for his help in a few different ways, explaining I was not a medical physician and he was NOT helping me...I expressed he had gone to medical school, yet he pointed to the wall where Drew's oxygen was hooked up and said, "I know nothing about that stuff there up on that wall"..another family member in the room stopped me and thanked Dr. Cain for all the help we had received, but told him I had taught myself everything I knew so far with Drew and I was only asking for help in another direction. My family member asked what Dr Cain would do if this were his child or grandchild..Dr. Cain said and I do quote, "I don't know, that there means nothing to me"!! And he left the room!! He did all of this with myself, another family member, Drew, and a nurse in the room...so it's sure no secret that he did this bc we all heard him loud and clear. You all have NO clue how much I complained to Administration..have they done anything NO!!! I've had a meeting, written a letter, made phone calls, and NOT so much as an I'm Sorry has come from anyone!!!! There is a little more to the conversation that morning but you get the point..it was so uncalled for!!! There are at least 4 members of Administration that could have made efforts to do something about this and they've done NOTHING!!! That doesn't mean Dr. Cain didn't do something wrong..it just means they let my complaints sit on their desks!! But that's okay, I keep SUPER records on the subject..so let them be lazy!
You never know what can happen if you let the ball drop in your court. People are complaining because there is a problem. Not because it's fun and they want you to have a bad day. Take people seriously..listen to their troubles...you never know when God was testing you!

*I used to think putting it out there was the wrong thing to do...almost as if I was bad mouthing Dr Cain. But you know, he sure didn't care about being ugly to Drew and me!!