Thursday, October 30, 2008

So...How was your morning....

WOW has it been a morning at our house...evening, morning, a bit of both!

11:30 p.m. apparently the monitor no longer works, I wake up hearing a child
coughing,crying, almost gagging she sounds so upset.

11:45 p.m. Alan is sound asleep and not paying attention to me yelling..get up the kids are awake! :) I go in their room and Hannah looks as though she's been crying for an hour and we just haven't heard her. Houston sits up in bed and is so excited to see me...I guess he thought it was time to get up. So, instead of arguing and trying to get everyone back to sleep..without waking up Hollise..I decide to pick up both kids and take them to our bed, the big NO,NO! Yes, 30 wks pregnant and picking up two kids at midnight...what fun!

4:30 a.m. Hollise wakes up, Alan fixed the monitor before we had gone back to sleep earlier. I'm sure he didn't like all the noise we were making and woke up to fix the monitor..thank goodness, glad he did. He woke up and got Hollise, she also was wide awake and ready to play. Alan sat up with her in bed watching news, cartoons, just whatever to pass the time.

5:11 a.m. I get up because Houston has decided nobody needs to sleep anymore! He and I put a load of laundry in to wash. I get his breakfast ready, drink, and Alan comes in with Hollise so that I can shower. Meanwhile...Hannah is out cold!

5:59 a.m. It's time everyone wake up Hannah, I'm drying my hair. All of a sudden I hear Alan make this crazy noise, but I thought it was just him playing around with Hannah. Next thing I know Alan is coming down the hall telling me his eye is hurting. He sits down, I get the kids under control and find out that when Hannah reached for her Daddy to pick her up she stuck one of her fingers in his eye. Not just a little poke, Alan says her entire finger went into his eye!

6:15 a.m. Hannah gets her breakfast, others get dressed, Alan makes his lunch, I'm getting my clothes on. I discover the hamburger meat I laid out last night was nowhere to be found. I was going to brown my meat this morning and put everything in the crock pot for chili tonight..I was so excited about this too! Well, Alan helped me so much in the kitchen last night that he put the meat up and it was still frozen :( I laid itback out to cook it later on :( He meant well

6:30 Hannah's getting dressed. Her shirt looked as though it shrunk overnight..maybe she grew. Poor Alan was trying to get her dressed with one eye, although I offered to dress her, and there was no way I was going to tell him to start over and put her in something else! I picked my battle and decided to wait and change her when he left.

6:50 I get dressed, all but my actual shirt I was wearing to work... learned about putting on my work shirt last the hard way!! Alan tells everyone bye and heads to work... he was hurting and just had to get out...I don't blame him.

7:00 Hollise still didn't have her clothes on bc her pants were in the dryer. So, I get her clothes out, get Hannah's new clothes to put on, and get Houston to clean his up to head out the door. I change his diaper, wipe his face, put his jacket on and give him his toothbrush.

7:10 I do the same for Hollise, but also put on her clothes.

7:14 I again go through the routine the third time and change Hannah's clothes.

7:20 Run and put my shirt on, grab my lunch, take my vitamins...a few "no, Houston don't" and I crank the truck and put everything I need to take to daycare in.

7:25 I start loading everyone up

7:34 We can actually leave today!, thank was a hard morning!! I didn't mention all the times we actually had to change diapers this morning, the actual 2 loads of clothes I washed, Alan unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, we cleaned up from breakfast...kind of, cereal is probably still on the counter, lol...and many other things!

8:00 I'm finally at work and Alan is telling me how much pain he is in. I get him in to see our eye dr. After looking at his eye under a light they can see Hannah actually stuck 2 fingers in his eye. He has a band-aid sort of thing over his eyeball and she gave him some drops to try and numb it for him. She did say working around dirt like he does will probably irritate it, but he thinks he'll be fine with his sunglasses on.

9:20 Telling you all about this fabulous morning and having a really good fountain Coke...thanks to my coworker Shelley :)

*I hope you all slept well! :)

**My birthday is next Wednesday, pressure

Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, it's been an uneventful weekend. But I had to post this about Houston.....once he started picking things up off the ground/floor I started saying,"shew, dirty" and he would throw it down or away. He has a book about dump trucks, loaders, etc and one page it has a picture of a truck and below it says "Clean Digger", the right has another picture and below it says "Dirty Digger". When reading i say the sentence or words on the page and Houston repeats me before moving on. Yesterday I showed him a picture and he said, "Clean Digger", I showed him the other picture and I said..."DIRTY Digger", Houston said, "Shew Digger"

He's too cute! But he listens to his Mommy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a little update...nothing going on...

Well...goodbye to Myspace!! Between all the things you can do online these days I'm only going to keep up with one. I thought the new blog site would be the best way for us to share things going on with our family. On Myspace you never know whose pages are private and what they're sharing about your family with others, pictures, information, and it's no big deal but I would rather have things out on the World Wide Web that Alan and I put out here and don't mind sharing with everyone. I guess what's out there that we don't know about won't really hurt us...I would just rather it not be out there unless it's from us. You just never know...and these days I think you have to be careful about putting your children and your families pictures/lives online. So that's that...this is now the best way to check out what's going on with Alan, Michelle, Hannah, Hollise, Houston, and little Andrew.

On to other things...I'm now 29 weeks pregnant with Andrew and man does he take advantage of all this space he has. Last night I told Alan that I know good and well he could ball up and give me a little breathing room every now and then...he should have lots of room to move around! Last pregnancy I really didn't always understand the extent of how important it was for me to rest, relax, and just let the babies grow. I just don't know how I did it...we all did it. It really took so many to keep things going while I was on bed rest. Our doctors (Locke, Furniss, and Pearson) were just amazing. They were encouraging, they gave me good information, and always prepared me for "the next two weeks or week" depending on where I was within the pregnancy. I just appreciate everyone so much more through this pregnancy and I truly know what wonderful hands were in with the team at the Starkville Women's Clinic. I know Andrew will be in wonderful hands with Dr. Ruff and I'm sure he'll be telling me to relax by February when I'm bringing Andrew in for a simple cold, lol.

Oh....the kids are selling cookie dough for new playground equipment. It's $14 for a huge tub of cookie dough and there's all different kinds to choose from. They're trying to raise money for new playground equipment at their daycare. I'm also getting together a bake sale sometime in November to raise money for the equipment. The cookie dough sale gives $5.75 of every order to the school and that's wonderful, but 100% of our bake sale profits will go to the equipment. I'll know more after our meeting today at lunch. If you want to order cookie dough, send me an email to

Love you all...have a good day

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Morning Everyone!! This past weekend was full of all sorts of fun for our family! Friday was my Daddy's Birthday and we all got together to go to a Pumpkin Patch and have dinner. The Pumpkin Patch is awesome, our kids had a blast. I'm pretty sure Hayes and Paisly (my niece/nephew) loved the corn box and hay maze the best. We found all different colors and sizes of pumpkins and Hannah and Houston tried to pick of everything!

Hollise stuck pretty close to Papaw at the Pumpkin Patch, and she sure wasn't going to get dirty! If he wasn't holding her she was going to ride in style.

After picking pumpkins everyone went over to play at the corn box, hay maze, and cotton packing trailer. Hannah found something different...she ran directly to the tractor..and rode, and rode, and rode.

Houston of course enjoyed hanging out and doing a little bit of everything...

Everyone loved "packing cotton", but I think Parker said their was an age limit (Daddy!) But, I think Papaw had more fun than they did! Well, maybe not as much as Hayes...he had a pretty good time!

After all this fun we went to Reuben's (spell?) for catfish! Turns out my children LOVE fried crawfish tails. I can't count the handfuls that Hannah ate. I was really surprised they did so good eating out this time. The last few experiences haven't been so wonderful. Maybe that's because Hollise sat on the end by Papaw and Mimi...I'm sure that's it! Several of you know Hollise just doesn't like eating out right now...but as long as she's center of attention she's good to go!

Yesterday afternoon we painted pumpkins together. We wanted Hannah, Hollise, and Houston to feel like they were able to take part in decorating a pumpkin, but we sure weren't going to give them carving tools, lol! Little did we know we have wonderful artists on our hands. Houston was such a pro at painting, they all were really, but Houston acted like he had painted everyday the entire year and a half of his was really cute.

I think it's pretty clear we had a great weekend. Now, maybe this next weekend we can actually make some room for Andrew.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last night we had a really cool moment as parents! I couldn't wait to post this for everyone this morning. A few days ago we received the F.A.O Schwarz Christmas Catalogue (my favorite!). Alan and I have been looking it over and deciding on a few different things, but it never occurred to us the kids may like to look at the catalogue. Now, why we thought that I just don't know. Our children love books, magazines, etc. Last night they got a hold of the catalogue and had the best time.

Alan was playing with them in the living room and I was getting our roast ready to put on the table. By the way, the roast was awesome! All of a sudden we hear this little voice screaming as loud as she can, "Daddy, Daddy, Baby, Baby". Hollise was standing over the catalogue waving and shaking her hands as if it was on fire!! We ran to her thinking something was wrong and she picked up this one page and screamed for this baby doll! We starting laughing to see her so excited about was great!

We then got them all together and went through the catalogue asking them to show us what they wanted..these are their pics

Hollise's Baby Doll is in the middle :)

Hannah's just have to know Hannah! She loves her dolls, but give her something to push people/things over with and she's good to go, lol

Yes, this Houston's pick. I think the "horsie" in the picture has something to do with it!

The picture at the top is Hollise picking out which doll she cute!

Also, I've been meaning to tell everyone about Hannah's new phrase. About a week ago I came to a stop sign on our way to work/daycare and began to sneeze, Hannah looked up and said "Bless you Mommy". How cute is that! Now, every time someone sneezes Hannah blesses them. We're raising such caring children, I love it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween is coming...

So, last night we tried on some outfits that a friend (Thank you Mrs. Jackson) got for the kids while overseas. Until now I couldn't think of a time they could wear them and they've been up for safekeeping. Now that we've tried them on and they actually fit I think these will make great Halloween Costumes! Some coworkers just don't think so, others think I could add a few things and they could be something like Aladdin or similar. Opinions welcome! Any other ideas would be great, but keep in mind they have to be able to fit in their car seat, not be so bundled that they get hot getting in and out of the vehicle. Remember, they will be two in December so we still visit family and friends houses..not a lot of trick-or-treating going on, lol.

Here's some photos of Houston and Hollise attempting to help me show off the outfits after their bath last night. Hannah sat in my lap to help me take the pictures, she wasn't posing for anyone!

Vote YES November 4th for Hospital Progress

You will need to pause the volume on the music box below to be able to hear the commercial.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thinking Back....

This time two years ago it's so hard to believe that I was 23 weeks pregnant with triplets and the shocking part is we still had NO CLUE there were three babies!! This week I'm at 26 weeks with little Andrew (his name is Andrew George) and it was in October that we found out about Hannah.

They were just so tiny and so sweet! This weekend I'm going go try on what I hope to be their Halloween Costumes for this year. If they don't work out come back next week...I'll post a blog to vote on their Costumes for this year. That should be fun!