Monday, September 6, 2010

Him's Freakin Me Out...

Last week was a wild week for us!!  I kept everyone inside, the entire week I think, because Drew had pneumonia and I didn't want him hot and sweaty outside.  We had a few dr's appointments and Houston had his 1st annual follow up with Le Bonheur (surgery last year).  All appointments were great and I was one tired lady!!!
Hannah, Hollise, and Houston have started having conversations with each other.  This is hilarious!! They've always talked to one another...but this is different.  They're having conversations about their day or about others in the house.  Hannah and Hollise will play together in one of their rooms and they make up songs together..about being "Best Sisters".  It's great stuff!  Hopefully Santa Clause will bring me a video camera and I can share these wonderful "tunes" with you all. 
Recently, Hollise had been playing with Drew and reading him books.  Mostly picture books, but she's really doing a great job.  After spending quality time with the baby brother she had to move on to bigger and better things.  She went to Hannah and said, "Him's freakin me out..."  and they proceeded to talk about their little brother, Drew.  Poor kid...he wants them to be quads so bad, LOL.  I think they're already at the age where poor Drew is getting on their nerves.  He wants to do whatever they are doing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm trying......

I have totally neglected the blog!! After seeing so many other blogs..I knew my blog was just not making the list of "Hot Blogs" ( the "hot blog" list would be MY very own mental list). I decided to take a little time and learn how to decorate my blog. I really would LOVE to know how to create cure Banners and even a little Posted By Tag or something. Anyone willing to share such wonderful tips?? I would appreciate it!

I actually LOVE to blog. I find myself not journaling memories of HHH&D the way I used to. I love living out moments with them, and the blog is such a great way to record those memories. So with that...I'm diving back in and blogging!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wow...The end of this week has been awesome!! Things started off a little rocky and I was feeling the stress. The beautiful weather got us outside and really enjoying each day. I have been taking pictures and trying to remember funny moments to be able to share. Let's see how this goes...

We put the inflatable bouncer up and let everyone have a little fun. Are these kids great or what?!? They have the best time together. Of course I hear, "he touched my doll" or "Hannah's not listening to me" a good bit..But for the most part they love playing with each another.

Drew had a great time outside!!

We had a great lunch...

And later that afternoon, Hollise decided she wanted to be a little model. She really has come out of her shell this last week! The girl is a hoot!!

Sweet Hannah got in a little bike ride. She doesn't like to be still for one minute. She always has somewhere to go..something to do..and she's always got something to tell you! Hmm...who does she get this from?? Oh..and her "mad face"..gotta love the "mad face".

Hollise and Houston weren't getting along so well on this particular day. As you can see they each wanted what the other had.

More great smiles from Drew Rew..this is what we all call him. We wanted him to go by Andrew, but his NICU Nurse (Cami) called him Drew. That stuck around until the kids started Drew Rew. He's always so happy! And do you see where all the sidewalk chalk is going???

On Friday evening, Logan and Papaw Tom brought goodies from Aunt Misty in Okinawa, Japan. Turns out they have an entire Hello Kitty Store and the girls are super excited about that!! They each got a pair of chop-sticks...who are we kidding...those are drum sticks, LOL. BIG THANKS TO LOGAN AND AUNT MISTY

This morning was pretty interesting....Alan was working and the kids were at the table waiting on their pancakes. By the way...I need a griddle to cook them faster! I was washing Drew's highchair tray and Houston said, "Mom..God and Jesus are at their house..they not here at our house". I was kind of caught of gaurd. At first I replied, "You're right..they are at their Heaven". And Houston continued.."No Mom, they don't live here". This made me start thinking!!! Is there something Alan and I are missing. Do we simply assume God is in our home because we each trust in Him as our Lord and Savior? Have we ever asked Him to come into our home and truly be a part of this family? I don't think we have and I have never thought about going about things in such a way. Why, I'm not sure. We have been visiting a new Church, new to us, and really enjoying ourselves. We're learning a lot and we hope this will continue to be a great fit for our family to learn and grow with God. So with these new things going on, I decided are prayer before breakfast was a great time to invite Him into our home. The kids and I held hands and we prayed. I said, Amen, and Houston looked up at me..and looked at the door.."He's not here Mama" we prayed again... :) Aren't kids amazing!! I had to stop and realize that maybe this wasn't about Houston not understanding that he can't see God or Jesus. Maybe the Lord was using Houston to teach our family and let us know He wants to be invited into our home. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!???

After filling our bellies with pancakes and Alan coming home we decided to go fishing. We haven't been to my Grandmother and Graddaddy's in a LONG time!! Drew had never been at all. The kids were so excited to see them. Houston went around the house calling for funny. They didn't catch any fish...but they sure had a great time. My Mom came out for a little bit and the kids had her read a few books. It really was a fun afternoon and I got some really good peas and cornbread!!!!

And to top off all this great fun...Alan found a 4 Leaf Clover in our backyard!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have to share this....

Hollise is at the table finishing her cereal. Remember..she's the Princess and late sleeper of the house. Hollise has her own time schedule and we must revolve around her...HA. I'm doing my morning thing..checking email, facebook, and having plenty of coffee. Drew and Hollise have become big buddies. Drew will play around the table until Hollise finishes her breakfast. He goes where she goes.

Just a few minutes ago, I hear Hollise say "no sir, stop that". I really didn't pay attention..she's pretty bossy with Drew. Then I hear "I'm watchin, I'm watchin" I can't help but laugh. She's so funny!!!

My camera charger is back in action. So maybe I'll get some pics up today or tomorrow. I must go...Off to save the Tehan House before the kids tear it down.or the laudry smothers it. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Don't Make Me Throw Me Cheerios at You!

I'm really disappointed my camera charger is MIA! This morning, Houston, Drew and Hannah were all having their breakfast together. Of course, Princess Hollise was still getting her beauty sleep. Houston and Hannah were eating their Cheerios and I was feeding Drew oatmeal. And by the way..Drew will eat 2 packs of oatmeal every morning..the boy is a little pig. Hannah was telling us all good morning and saying sweet things to us. Apparently Houston was not into Hannah being so loving and nice this morning! He looked at Hannah and said, "I'll throw my Cheerios at you"..I looked up at him and he said, "I will..I'll throw'em". He had a spoonful ready to go!! How dare her say good morning and profess her love to him, LOL.

Hannah and Houston are great. They love irritating each other and wouldn't have it any other way. We've been keeping these two separated at the dinner table the last week or so. Now I'll to think of a new plan of action, since throwing food across the table has be threatened.