Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things went great today at the Cardiologist! The "leakage"in his valves was very minimal compared to the last echo done... And there wasn't a lot in the one on 3/26. We'll go back in 3 months. Dr Smith said babies usually out grow this as they continue to grow and i have witnessed this being the case with Drew. Thank You Jesus!
My Mother rode with me today. She talked with other families that were there bc their children had a hole in the heart. One was a little girl and the other a boy. There were little babies about Drew's age and hospitals are there babies' lives. Just take a moment please and pray for these two. They've each been to DC for operations and have many more to come!
Hannah, Hollise, and Houston had fun at Mimi's today! Well, as long as Papaw would stay away from their cookies. I believe Hannah told him not to touch!
Thank you all for your prayers! Please, please continue
*hope things are spelled right. I did this from my phone. Can't proof read very well!
Headed out this morning for Drew's appointment in Jackson. We're seeing a cardiologist today at 8:45, and those that know me well know i will never make on time! Update later.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We have made it home and have settled in. Things are going good with drew. He's resting for the first time today. I know hannah, hollise, and houston are going to be happy to get home and see him. Thank you all for your prayers! Please continue to pray for this pneumonia to finally come to an end. We really need to get over this to get off the oxygen.
I can post from my phone now! Yea

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Hospital Stay..

Super Bulldog Weekend just wasn't that super for us! Saturday night I went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to get dressed and take Drew up to the ER...this was almost midnight. Something just wasn't right and after talking with my SIL, Misty, and two great nursery nurses I decided to brave the possible drunk filled ER.

Dr. Shaw (hope I'm spelling right) was wonderful!!! He saw us walk in with Drew's portable oxygen and didn't even wait for his chart. He walked right in and began asking questions. He monitored him a few hours, ran some blood work (which was pretty good), and did an x-ray. The x-ray showed Drew still had pneumonia!! Now..we had just been to the Pediatric Clinic Friday bc Drew cried for 3 hours!!! And for those that have ever stuck him with a needle you know Drew just doesn't cry over anything. His right ear was pretty nasty but at the time the dr (not my favorite Dr. Ruff) said his chest sounded great. Dr. Shaw said you really couldn't see any difference btwn Drew's March 25 x-ray (when sent to Jackson) and the one Sunday morning...Dr. Shirley was on call over the weekend and she agreed with Shaw and thought he should be admitted. So, here were are. We've had 3 Rocephine (spell?) shots and will receive one more tomorrow and go home with antibiotics.

I really need to brag on the Respiratory Therapist here. In my personal opinion they have gone over and above what anyone else has ever done. A lady named Rite Sheffield really took time to go over some things I could do at home, she showed me better ways to position his O2 probe to get the best reading I could probably get, gave me some tips, and left me feeling so much more confident and what I'm doing with Drew at home. I really feel that God sent her in our room on Monday...I needed her that day. I have now purchased my own stethoscope and learning to listen and know when there's a normal rattle and when there really may be something going on.

Our Pediatricians are working to get us into Le Bonheur in Memphis or into UAB. I've asked to see a Pediatric Pulmonologist and one of these places bc it's taken us so long to get into University and even though I really like the Pulmonologist there, he is only working on Friday's and helping out until their new doctors come on sometime in May. Which means I would have to start all over! So, Alan and I are really ready for a PLAN for Drew and ready to take steps to get him off this oxygen...we've been ready! I think we're heading in the right direction. I know we are!!

Alan's Grandpa Frazier is a Preacher...he came in Sunday and prayed with us. Before leaving he said, "Michelle, you mark my word. From this day forward Drew is going to get better. There's going to be no going back". And if you heard him and Grandma Frazier pray you would have no doubt knowing he was right!!!

The Lord has been so wonderful to us. I know I don't stop and thank him as often as I should, but I'm so thankful. He has given Alan and I 4 wonderful children. Not only that, he has given us the family support from our Mother's and Step Mother that we really need. Alan's Dad and my Daddy help too, but I'm telling you..without Mom, Gina, and Jackie we just couldn't do it. I've been emotionally wore out lately and they've really each supported me in different ways and have helped build me back up..thank you for that.

Also, I would like to thank the person who has anonymously donated leave to me. That support means so much for my family. Tammye, the same for you. I'm not sure you know what a gift this is for my family at this time. That is something very personal you donated and Alan and I really are grateful.

Just a few more things....Hannah, Hollise, and Houston are learning all sorts of new words!! Caterpillar is a favorite lately. It's a lot of work, but having them all at home is been really a joy. I'm getting to know so much more about their personality and it really is so much fun. There is a blog I follow Teach Your Tot that I take tips from to work with the kids. They give all sorts of neat projects, songs to sing, books to read, it's just awesome. Check it out.

Congrats to Brandon and Anna..having a new baby at home is going to be lots of fun!

And finally...I'm so excited about our new NEPHEW on the way!!! Lee and Lauren are having a boy!! Corbin Lee Tehan...I can't wait to meet him!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter was fun! The Easter Bunny came and brought all sorts of goodies!! Thank goodness he brought Houston Spider Man Sunglasses...I don't know what we would have done had he not.

Last night was wild...but not for me and Alan, lol. Randle joked around (my brother) like he was taking Hollise to his house and she actually wanted go!! So they all went!! This morning my brother has new appreciation for everything we do. But the kids had a great time playing with Hayes and Paisly.

Thank you all!! Michelle and Alan

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a week....

Little Drew
Hollise loves to take a picture

Go Houston...

Hannah likes to slide

Snow Cones...mmmm Good

My Great, Great Aunt Evelyn

Lunch at Aunt Betty's..Houston loves her food!

Our Sheep

This was the first week with Hannah, Hollise, and Houston out of daycare. They love it!! They're still learning things at home...this week was about Farm Animals. We made sheep together. Who knew I was such a little teacher...it's been fun..we'll see how this next week goes.

Not sure everyone knew we took them out of daycare. We LOVED! our daycare and really enjoyed everyone there. There were so many stomach bugs, colds, etc. going around and with the kids coming home with all those germs Drew just couldn't stay well lately. So, since there is so much going on in our life right now that we can't control we decided to do something about the things we can control. Right now we're just doing what we can...I know everyone has opinions about what we should or could do with Hannah, Hollise, and Houston right now..but we're doing the best we know how right now.

Drew had his Pulmonary appt this past Friday. The dr said Drew's pneumonia is gone but his lungs weren't normal by any means. He set up a Cardiology appt for April 28 and from there he will make a decision about medications for Drew. He was glad we had taken the children out of daycare and suggested as little exposure to the public as possible for Drew. I'm happy with the results. We also had an appt in Starkville with an Ear, Nose, and Throat dr and I'll just say that visit didn't go well!!! It didn't happen at all. We had to reschedule for May 11. I'm just not sure why people don't listen to me!!! The girl at the front counter tried to tell me several times Drew wasn't insured and I told her just as many times his insurance number and he was covered. Several calls later I hope this girl takes some time off bc she was moody and I proved her wrong :)

The kids are SUPER excited about the Easter Bunny..I sure hope he stops by our house.