Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Thursday....

Hollise wasn't as happy about sharing as Hannah was..
Drew...he loves to play!!!! And he plays hard!

*****Please stop copying my pics!!! If you ask, I'll probably be happy to print you copies!! It's my "thing", can't help it...I get it honest...and I don't like seeing pics of my babies popping up in people's houses when I didn't give them the pics!!! And for some reason I think I've said this before!!!! So, that simple...stop it please!.. :)

He takes my coffee!! Any by the looks of his chin he likes it!

They run up and down this hill in our backyard...or just roll down it

Bubba needed a spankin??

Hollise loves a picture

Hannah riding her baby around

Is Aunt Monica's Birthday coming up??? I think it's today or tomorrow....Happy Birthday....if not consider it a nice thought of well wishes, lol.

We are finally making progress in our new house. I think once I get the kids playroom done things will really start to come together....because they'll hopefully stay in there and play! We really enjoy being in town now. The neighborhood is great and we LOVE getting out and walking, riding bikes, and just enjoying the outdoors. Well....the kids are getting rowdy...I better go

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I found a job I can do from home!

I have been actively looking for something I could do from home for about a month now. I have had numerous suggestions and lots to think about. My Aunt Monica brought Tastefully Simple to my attention....and I love it! Tastefully Simple provides easy to make meals, appetizers, snacks, and so much more. Most of the products only take one or two ingredients to complete the dish. Which is FABULOUS for a family on the go!!

I have already placed an order, which includes the Bacon Bacon Dip Mix, Spinach & Herb Dip Mix, Corn Black Bean Salsa, Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread (I hear this is a "have to have"), Bountiful Beer Bread Mix, and a few other things. I have lots of samples on the way as well and I plan to place an order next week for some of the Meal Kits and Desserts. Hopefully by Monday I'll have a date planned for a Blast Off Taste Testing Party. Anyone looking to Host...leave a comment so that we can get together. You can Host an Online Party as well!! This will allow you to do very little work to earn Hostess points and will be super convenient for your guests. Ask me for details.

My web site with Tastefully Simple is

Let me know of any samples you are interested in....Rita, Tennille, get're hosting a or at your house, lol! too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Uh Oh Tuesday and Aunt Betty Soap!

This has been a morning! I can already tell Houston is going to be somewhat like his Uncle Randle, pray for him please! lol
Houston and Hannah have been up since about 4am...again. We thought it would be smart to just let them hang out btwn us in bed. Not so smart, but they did force us to start our day pretty early. The house looks as if I'm getting nothing done...I feel like I'm getting tons done. Maybe by this afternoon I'll see results. I have lots to unpack.
On to Houston being wild-I walked into the dinning room and there sat Houston on the floor drawing all over the floor with sidewalk chalk! Once again, I had to explain this is for outside use only! And where he got it, I do not know. I decided about 8 this morning after washing 3 loads of clothes, doing dishes, and eating and feeding the kids breakfast it was time to start cleaning the kids rooms. I was cleaning the windows in the boy's room and had to come back to the kitchen for something. I was about to go back to cleaning when Hannah came to me saying, "Bubba is spraying, come see". I had no clue what that meant. He was spraying Clorox ALL OVER his new sheets!!! I made the mistake of leaving the spray on the floor..I think. Who knows bc he is one that would have climbed a mountain to get into something. So, after a good talking to and time out he said he knew that was a "no-no". He also wrote all over the dinning room floor with sidewalk chalk...which I could clean..but that's not ok!! He takes his plastic golf club and uses it as a bat! This is going to be a long, hard road raising Houston...oh boy.
He LOVES sports and I'm ready to let him dive into a sport full force. I'm ready for him to be able to play somewhere. He already walks around dribbling the basketball, he makes makes the basket almost every time he shoots. He stopped using his baseball T, now we have to throw him the ball and he swings. He's getting better each day. But his big thing is throwing the ball...with in reason he can throw a baseball anywhere you tell him to....and he's left handed. Maybe he'll make it big and I can travel around watching him play somewhere....high hopes:)
Now, the girls....such Princesses. They're doing great with potty training, loving their new space, and boy do they help clean up. They also help me a lot more with Drew now. They love playing with there baby dolls like I used to...when I was little, lol. They stroll around their babies, put things in their purses...they make up all these rules for their babies too. Too funny, I don't know where they get it. When I was little my Grandmother was making dinner and wouldn't let me have the cheese I kept asking for. It was a block of mild cheddar cheese that I called "Grandmother cheese"...she was the only person I knew that had cheese like that. So, I got pretty smart on her! I asked her to play house with me and of course she did whatever I wanted!! I was the first grandchild. I walked right up to her and said, "OK, I'll be the Mommy and you be the Baby"...Grandmother agreed...then I said, "Now let's go get some cheese" LOL. This is the kind of stuff my girls are doing to me!
Drew is being an Angel always. He is a little fussy bc he's getting a top tooth in....yay Drew. He's being such a good sport about it.
Oh, about the soap....Last night I opened a new box of soap before bathing Hannah and Hollise. I turned around and Hannah said, "OH, THAT'S AUNT BETTY SOAP!!!!". She was more than excited. A few months ago we had eaten lunch at Aunt Betty's and she gave each of them this Johnson and Johnson soap that is in a little green packet. I think it's called soap buddy...not sure. Anyway, they love this soap bc I don't have to use a wash cloth...which apparently makes them feel like they're getting CLEAN! So that's not cool, but Aunt Betty soap is cool!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We've moved!

Now you know Drew is just too cute!!
Hollise playing around in her Gammy's robe I have for some reason..hmmm

Our new house!!!

Hollise and Hannah

The last week has seriously been crazy!!! We've been moving to our new house, spent Monday night in Memphis with Drew......really it's been a lot of work!! But Alan and I have been pretty good on each others nerves A LOT...but we love each other, lol, we got it all done.

I'll start with Drew-his Pulmonologist in Memphis (Dr. Tutor) had requested a sleep study be done on Drew. He wanted to do this for a couple of reasons. Drew breaths REALLY loud at times. Let me make this clear...he is NOT snoring! You simply hear a very clear breath from all the way across the room. At times, Alan and I look at each other and say, "do you hear that?? does he really breathe that loud?" This test also gave them the opportunity to monitor him in a hospital setting while on room air (off oxygen) for the night. This is something Dr. Shirley had suggested be done back in April when Drew was in OCH with pneumonia. I haven't gotten the results, but I'm sure we will soon. They didn't run in and put his canula on so I'm guessing he did just fine. I sure wish they would have been able to hear his crazy breathing!! I didn't hear him through the night...So now I'm sure they think I'm a crazy lady who thinks her child breathes loud, lol. Drew also had a sweat test on Monday morning to rule out Cystic Fibrosis. I'm so proud to say his test was negating....whoo hoo!!!! He stayed off oxygen Monday and Tuesday night (a full 48 hrs) but went back on at night on Wednesday. He has a mild rattle in his chest and his O2 is falling a little below his normal. But that's what it's there and allowing his lungs to relax. Other than the tests Drew is getting so big. I wish they would have weighed him while at Le Beuhner (spell?). He's only 7 months old and wearing 9 month clothes:) This is so unusual for Drew. He's like Hollise...tiny.

Speaking of Hollise...she and her sister are becoming pretty good buddies.

....well I attempted to post photos at certain spots in my post but they all end up at the top, lol. You get the idea. They are figuring out how to play together with their dolls. It's so cute for them to stroll in with their babies and say, "by, we're going to mal-mart (wal-mart, lol)...give me kiss mommy" Really, I can't wait until I can send them to wal-mart..whoo hoo to that day...but no rush, lol.

Houston has backed up his wake up time. No longer is he waking at 5am!! It's 4am now!! He's such a little talker. He's made friends with a man that lives down the road. The guy has a garden and is giving Houston all these goodies. I think he has blackberry vines too and I'll send Houston over later this week to check that out, lol.