Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I found a job I can do from home!

I have been actively looking for something I could do from home for about a month now. I have had numerous suggestions and lots to think about. My Aunt Monica brought Tastefully Simple to my attention....and I love it! Tastefully Simple provides easy to make meals, appetizers, snacks, and so much more. Most of the products only take one or two ingredients to complete the dish. Which is FABULOUS for a family on the go!!

I have already placed an order, which includes the Bacon Bacon Dip Mix, Spinach & Herb Dip Mix, Corn Black Bean Salsa, Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread (I hear this is a "have to have"), Bountiful Beer Bread Mix, and a few other things. I have lots of samples on the way as well and I plan to place an order next week for some of the Meal Kits and Desserts. Hopefully by Monday I'll have a date planned for a Blast Off Taste Testing Party. Anyone looking to Host...leave a comment so that we can get together. You can Host an Online Party as well!! This will allow you to do very little work to earn Hostess points and will be super convenient for your guests. Ask me for details.

My web site with Tastefully Simple is www.tastefullysimple.com/web/mtehan

Let me know of any samples you are interested in....Rita, Tennille, get ready...you're hosting a party...online or at your house, lol! Val....you too!

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Rosemary said...

they have such YUMMMMMMY stuff!! i love it all!!! this is a great thing for you to get into!!