Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Thursday....

Hollise wasn't as happy about sharing as Hannah was..
Drew...he loves to play!!!! And he plays hard!

*****Please stop copying my pics!!! If you ask, I'll probably be happy to print you copies!! It's my "thing", can't help it...I get it honest...and I don't like seeing pics of my babies popping up in people's houses when I didn't give them the pics!!! And for some reason I think I've said this before!!!! So, that simple...stop it please!.. :)

He takes my coffee!! Any by the looks of his chin he likes it!

They run up and down this hill in our backyard...or just roll down it

Bubba needed a spankin??

Hollise loves a picture

Hannah riding her baby around

Is Aunt Monica's Birthday coming up??? I think it's today or tomorrow....Happy Birthday....if not consider it a nice thought of well wishes, lol.

We are finally making progress in our new house. I think once I get the kids playroom done things will really start to come together....because they'll hopefully stay in there and play! We really enjoy being in town now. The neighborhood is great and we LOVE getting out and walking, riding bikes, and just enjoying the outdoors. Well....the kids are getting rowdy...I better go

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