Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things went great today at the Cardiologist! The "leakage"in his valves was very minimal compared to the last echo done... And there wasn't a lot in the one on 3/26. We'll go back in 3 months. Dr Smith said babies usually out grow this as they continue to grow and i have witnessed this being the case with Drew. Thank You Jesus!
My Mother rode with me today. She talked with other families that were there bc their children had a hole in the heart. One was a little girl and the other a boy. There were little babies about Drew's age and hospitals are there babies' lives. Just take a moment please and pray for these two. They've each been to DC for operations and have many more to come!
Hannah, Hollise, and Houston had fun at Mimi's today! Well, as long as Papaw would stay away from their cookies. I believe Hannah told him not to touch!
Thank you all for your prayers! Please, please continue
*hope things are spelled right. I did this from my phone. Can't proof read very well!

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