Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spiderman Tuesday...

Well, we have had an eventful weekend!!! Last Thursday Houston was playing in Drew's car seat (on the couch). He rocked and rocked until he rocked himself right off the couch. He's left handed, so of course he tried to brace himself with his left hand and now he has a "buckle" fracture at his wrist. Today we went to get his cast on and he had to have Spiderman Red for his cast color.

Drew is having a great week! He's growing so fast now...for a while he kind of hung out at 10lbs. He's now at 11lbs 8oz and getting so long. Hannah and Hollise have been playing dress up a good bit. They love walking around in my heels...hopefully they won't brake an ankle!!

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Anonymous said...

Awe poor Houston! I love that he's left handed though;) Val