Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a week....

Little Drew
Hollise loves to take a picture

Go Houston...

Hannah likes to slide

Snow Cones...mmmm Good

My Great, Great Aunt Evelyn

Lunch at Aunt Betty's..Houston loves her food!

Our Sheep

This was the first week with Hannah, Hollise, and Houston out of daycare. They love it!! They're still learning things at home...this week was about Farm Animals. We made sheep together. Who knew I was such a little's been fun..we'll see how this next week goes.

Not sure everyone knew we took them out of daycare. We LOVED! our daycare and really enjoyed everyone there. There were so many stomach bugs, colds, etc. going around and with the kids coming home with all those germs Drew just couldn't stay well lately. So, since there is so much going on in our life right now that we can't control we decided to do something about the things we can control. Right now we're just doing what we can...I know everyone has opinions about what we should or could do with Hannah, Hollise, and Houston right now..but we're doing the best we know how right now.

Drew had his Pulmonary appt this past Friday. The dr said Drew's pneumonia is gone but his lungs weren't normal by any means. He set up a Cardiology appt for April 28 and from there he will make a decision about medications for Drew. He was glad we had taken the children out of daycare and suggested as little exposure to the public as possible for Drew. I'm happy with the results. We also had an appt in Starkville with an Ear, Nose, and Throat dr and I'll just say that visit didn't go well!!! It didn't happen at all. We had to reschedule for May 11. I'm just not sure why people don't listen to me!!! The girl at the front counter tried to tell me several times Drew wasn't insured and I told her just as many times his insurance number and he was covered. Several calls later I hope this girl takes some time off bc she was moody and I proved her wrong :)

The kids are SUPER excited about the Easter Bunny..I sure hope he stops by our house.

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