Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have to share this....

Hollise is at the table finishing her cereal. Remember..she's the Princess and late sleeper of the house. Hollise has her own time schedule and we must revolve around her...HA. I'm doing my morning thing..checking email, facebook, and having plenty of coffee. Drew and Hollise have become big buddies. Drew will play around the table until Hollise finishes her breakfast. He goes where she goes.

Just a few minutes ago, I hear Hollise say "no sir, stop that". I really didn't pay attention..she's pretty bossy with Drew. Then I hear "I'm watchin, I'm watchin" I can't help but laugh. She's so funny!!!

My camera charger is back in action. So maybe I'll get some pics up today or tomorrow. I must go...Off to save the Tehan House before the kids tear it down.or the laudry smothers it. :)

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