Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm such a slacker when it comes to the blog. I've got to get better! I would really like to sort of journal things that are going on with the kids. They are so funny and I really want to get back to journaling those moments. I kept a journal when I was pregnant with the triplets. It's so funny to go back and read..I remember almost every moment in the book and it takes me back as if I were living it again. I remember thinking they're had to be more than two babies in there!!! I wrote several times about feeling a third baby and move and sure enough...I was right..a Mother just knows.

Anyway, on to these fabulous children. We just returned from another visit with Houston's Orthopedic Specialist in Memphis. His arm looks great!!! I wish I had a scanner to show you the x-rays before and after. The cyst cavity that's left in the bone has almost been completely filled with the material they put in during surgery. There is still a very tiny space left to be filled, but that should fill in over the next few months. This does leave room for the cyst to grow back. The chance the cyst will grow back are really high. But, Houston has reached the 6 month mark since surgery and that risk will start going down now. I am so excited for him. He's eating again with his left hand, batting with his left hand, hitting his sisters with his left hand..hahaha..things with his arm are normal for him again.

Little Drew has developed such a personality!!! He calls Hollise LuLu, Hannah is Nanna, and Houston...not sure he's calling Houston anything yet. Drew and Houston play together so well. It's great seeing Houston roll the ball to him and say, "come on buddy". They all love Drew so much and they're just as excited as Alan and me to see him do new things. He walks around and behind everything, but walking without holding on is not his thing yet. He is almost 15 months and I keep thinking he's just like Hollise. Hollise was the child that almost never walked!! As long as we carried her when she needed us to there was no point in walking, LOL. Drew loves music and has really likes dancing!! He sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star several times a day..and his sisters like singing with him.

Hollise has always been a little princess...but things are getting serious. She wants to be woken up and carried to the breakfast table. She expects you to cover her feet when she's cold..even though the blanket is on her..moving her own feet around under the blanket is not an option. She likes her clothes to fit a certain way..especially the socks. The seam at the toe of socks drives her crazy. This seam has to be in the perfect place before putting on her shoes and if it's not..we do it over until it's perfect. There are several other things she expects these days..these are just a few. At first, I would get a little frustrated..ok sometimes a lot...and make her hurry up or do as everyone else does. But with some of these things I'm letting her be her demanding little self. She knows what she wants and doesn't settle for less!!

Hannah..oh my..Hannah is sort of like rising myself. It's pretty hard!!! God Bless my parents!! Hannah says things like, "Dad, it's necessary you let me walk", "Houston, are you kidding me" (with her hands out), "no, that just doesn't make sense". She's 3...what is to come? This little girl is so precious and so appreciative of everything there is in life. She's excited to start a new day..with "good morning" having to be said to everyone she meets after waking. There is just something about her little spirit..I can't put my finger on it..she's just excited to welcome a day and take in everything she can. She uses such big words and knows what they mean! But along with all of this wonderfulness is a little girl that will not stop talking!! She talks all day long..she even mumbles when nobody is around. It wears me out..silence is not an option for her. If she wants my attention, or Alan's, she will say the same thing over and over until we stop and do whatever it is she's asking. I'm working really hard to make her understand that I have heard her request...and I will help her as soon as I can. There is no need to say things 50 times until it's done!! I don't want to get in a habit of satisfying whatever it is she wants just to get her to stop saying it over and over. For example.."Mom, I need a drink", and if I'm busy putting Drew to bed or anything else, she will say this over and over until I stop and take care of her need or want. It's testing me!!

Okay...gotta run and get the crew dressed to take on the day!

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