Friday, January 22, 2010

I have such big plans for today! I just need motivation to get things going :) The weather was so nice yesterday and the kids were able to play outside...almost all day!! That was amazing! I just knew they were going to sleep great last night, but nope, everyone woke up at least once. I'm not sure how to get Hannah, Hollise, and Houston out of this habit!! Any suggestions are welcomed.

I'm starting to teach the kids to spell and write their names. One of the last things I saw at daycare, before taking the kids out, was the three year old class writing their names. I was shocked, you could read what they were writing!! It's been a goal of mine to teach them to write their name and address when they turned 3....maybe it won't take me the entire year. I haven't been doing much "teaching" lately. Really, it's been several months since I set the kids down in the morning for any lesson. I hope to start that part of our schedule next week.

Ok..gotta run..maybe I can blog more later today :)

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