Monday, January 18, 2010

We're off to a fresh start with this fabulous new year! We've already had our hands FULL of crazy things going on and we're only 18 days into this year. But, that's just the way things go with 4 young children.
Houston has torn some scar tissue from surgery and is back in a cast. We will go back to Memphis tomorrow to remove his cast and see how his arm looks. Drew is just before walking. He loves to stand at the windows and watch the cars go by. He will run around everywhere as long as he's in his walker or your holding his hand. I'm trying to keep him out of the walker so maybe he'll get some practice on his own. Hollise and Hannah are growing more everyday. They love helping cook and clean...sure hope that lasts! They sure do listen to every single word I say...bc I hear them telling their dolls what I tell them!! Sometimes I think I'm a little hard on them when I hear them bossing their dolls around, LOL.
Houston just rand up to me on his stick horse and said, "mommy, i'm a cowboy..yeehaw". He changes characters throughout the day...he's already been Spiderman and a Fireman this morning. The boy has a great imagination!! Lately he's running around pretending to fly. And as wild as he is, I'm having to make sure he doesn't really attempt to fly!!!
I better go, Hollise isn't feeling well this morning and I need to check on her. bad as this may sound...I'm glad over 300 people logged on and read what a JERK Dr. Cain was to Drew and how lazy OCH is at handling situations with their doctors that are MEAN and irresponsible with their care for patients..especially babies!! I have an amazing amount of respect for certain nursing staff and the other physicians, so I sure don't mean to disrespect their work ethics!! But, things need to change for the better with the way this hospital handles complaints...and really quick!!

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