Monday, September 6, 2010

Him's Freakin Me Out...

Last week was a wild week for us!!  I kept everyone inside, the entire week I think, because Drew had pneumonia and I didn't want him hot and sweaty outside.  We had a few dr's appointments and Houston had his 1st annual follow up with Le Bonheur (surgery last year).  All appointments were great and I was one tired lady!!!
Hannah, Hollise, and Houston have started having conversations with each other.  This is hilarious!! They've always talked to one another...but this is different.  They're having conversations about their day or about others in the house.  Hannah and Hollise will play together in one of their rooms and they make up songs together..about being "Best Sisters".  It's great stuff!  Hopefully Santa Clause will bring me a video camera and I can share these wonderful "tunes" with you all. 
Recently, Hollise had been playing with Drew and reading him books.  Mostly picture books, but she's really doing a great job.  After spending quality time with the baby brother she had to move on to bigger and better things.  She went to Hannah and said, "Him's freakin me out..."  and they proceeded to talk about their little brother, Drew.  Poor kid...he wants them to be quads so bad, LOL.  I think they're already at the age where poor Drew is getting on their nerves.  He wants to do whatever they are doing.

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Lisa Mc said...

What a cute, sweet family. I love you all. :)