Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, it's been an uneventful weekend. But I had to post this about Houston.....once he started picking things up off the ground/floor I started saying,"shew, dirty" and he would throw it down or away. He has a book about dump trucks, loaders, etc and one page it has a picture of a truck and below it says "Clean Digger", the right has another picture and below it says "Dirty Digger". When reading i say the sentence or words on the page and Houston repeats me before moving on. Yesterday I showed him a picture and he said, "Clean Digger", I showed him the other picture and I said..."DIRTY Digger", Houston said, "Shew Digger"

He's too cute! But he listens to his Mommy


Tennille said...

Smart boy!! You are teaching him well Michelle:)

Anonymous said...

well, as his proud grandmama, i can tell you, he'll probably be reading to ya'll next week!! Keep up the good work !

Lyndsay said...

Michelle! i love reading your blog. what a great way to keep people updated on those adorable kiddos. we at DD cannot WAIT to meet the next little Tehan!

ps i LoVe your music!