Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a little update...nothing going on...

Well...goodbye to Myspace!! Between all the things you can do online these days I'm only going to keep up with one. I thought the new blog site would be the best way for us to share things going on with our family. On Myspace you never know whose pages are private and what they're sharing about your family with others, pictures, information, and it's no big deal but I would rather have things out on the World Wide Web that Alan and I put out here and don't mind sharing with everyone. I guess what's out there that we don't know about won't really hurt us...I would just rather it not be out there unless it's from us. You just never know...and these days I think you have to be careful about putting your children and your families pictures/lives online. So that's that...this is now the best way to check out what's going on with Alan, Michelle, Hannah, Hollise, Houston, and little Andrew.

On to other things...I'm now 29 weeks pregnant with Andrew and man does he take advantage of all this space he has. Last night I told Alan that I know good and well he could ball up and give me a little breathing room every now and then...he should have lots of room to move around! Last pregnancy I really didn't always understand the extent of how important it was for me to rest, relax, and just let the babies grow. I just don't know how I did it...we all did it. It really took so many to keep things going while I was on bed rest. Our doctors (Locke, Furniss, and Pearson) were just amazing. They were encouraging, they gave me good information, and always prepared me for "the next two weeks or week" depending on where I was within the pregnancy. I just appreciate everyone so much more through this pregnancy and I truly know what wonderful hands were in with the team at the Starkville Women's Clinic. I know Andrew will be in wonderful hands with Dr. Ruff and I'm sure he'll be telling me to relax by February when I'm bringing Andrew in for a simple cold, lol.

Oh....the kids are selling cookie dough for new playground equipment. It's $14 for a huge tub of cookie dough and there's all different kinds to choose from. They're trying to raise money for new playground equipment at their daycare. I'm also getting together a bake sale sometime in November to raise money for the equipment. The cookie dough sale gives $5.75 of every order to the school and that's wonderful, but 100% of our bake sale profits will go to the equipment. I'll know more after our meeting today at lunch. If you want to order cookie dough, send me an email to tehantriplets@yahoo.com

Love you all...have a good day

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