Thursday, October 30, 2008

So...How was your morning....

WOW has it been a morning at our house...evening, morning, a bit of both!

11:30 p.m. apparently the monitor no longer works, I wake up hearing a child
coughing,crying, almost gagging she sounds so upset.

11:45 p.m. Alan is sound asleep and not paying attention to me yelling..get up the kids are awake! :) I go in their room and Hannah looks as though she's been crying for an hour and we just haven't heard her. Houston sits up in bed and is so excited to see me...I guess he thought it was time to get up. So, instead of arguing and trying to get everyone back to sleep..without waking up Hollise..I decide to pick up both kids and take them to our bed, the big NO,NO! Yes, 30 wks pregnant and picking up two kids at midnight...what fun!

4:30 a.m. Hollise wakes up, Alan fixed the monitor before we had gone back to sleep earlier. I'm sure he didn't like all the noise we were making and woke up to fix the monitor..thank goodness, glad he did. He woke up and got Hollise, she also was wide awake and ready to play. Alan sat up with her in bed watching news, cartoons, just whatever to pass the time.

5:11 a.m. I get up because Houston has decided nobody needs to sleep anymore! He and I put a load of laundry in to wash. I get his breakfast ready, drink, and Alan comes in with Hollise so that I can shower. Meanwhile...Hannah is out cold!

5:59 a.m. It's time everyone wake up Hannah, I'm drying my hair. All of a sudden I hear Alan make this crazy noise, but I thought it was just him playing around with Hannah. Next thing I know Alan is coming down the hall telling me his eye is hurting. He sits down, I get the kids under control and find out that when Hannah reached for her Daddy to pick her up she stuck one of her fingers in his eye. Not just a little poke, Alan says her entire finger went into his eye!

6:15 a.m. Hannah gets her breakfast, others get dressed, Alan makes his lunch, I'm getting my clothes on. I discover the hamburger meat I laid out last night was nowhere to be found. I was going to brown my meat this morning and put everything in the crock pot for chili tonight..I was so excited about this too! Well, Alan helped me so much in the kitchen last night that he put the meat up and it was still frozen :( I laid itback out to cook it later on :( He meant well

6:30 Hannah's getting dressed. Her shirt looked as though it shrunk overnight..maybe she grew. Poor Alan was trying to get her dressed with one eye, although I offered to dress her, and there was no way I was going to tell him to start over and put her in something else! I picked my battle and decided to wait and change her when he left.

6:50 I get dressed, all but my actual shirt I was wearing to work... learned about putting on my work shirt last the hard way!! Alan tells everyone bye and heads to work... he was hurting and just had to get out...I don't blame him.

7:00 Hollise still didn't have her clothes on bc her pants were in the dryer. So, I get her clothes out, get Hannah's new clothes to put on, and get Houston to clean his up to head out the door. I change his diaper, wipe his face, put his jacket on and give him his toothbrush.

7:10 I do the same for Hollise, but also put on her clothes.

7:14 I again go through the routine the third time and change Hannah's clothes.

7:20 Run and put my shirt on, grab my lunch, take my vitamins...a few "no, Houston don't" and I crank the truck and put everything I need to take to daycare in.

7:25 I start loading everyone up

7:34 We can actually leave today!, thank was a hard morning!! I didn't mention all the times we actually had to change diapers this morning, the actual 2 loads of clothes I washed, Alan unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, we cleaned up from breakfast...kind of, cereal is probably still on the counter, lol...and many other things!

8:00 I'm finally at work and Alan is telling me how much pain he is in. I get him in to see our eye dr. After looking at his eye under a light they can see Hannah actually stuck 2 fingers in his eye. He has a band-aid sort of thing over his eyeball and she gave him some drops to try and numb it for him. She did say working around dirt like he does will probably irritate it, but he thinks he'll be fine with his sunglasses on.

9:20 Telling you all about this fabulous morning and having a really good fountain Coke...thanks to my coworker Shelley :)

*I hope you all slept well! :)

**My birthday is next Wednesday, pressure

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Lyndsay said...

ok, thank you once again for scaring me out of ever having kids.