Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Morning Everyone!! This past weekend was full of all sorts of fun for our family! Friday was my Daddy's Birthday and we all got together to go to a Pumpkin Patch and have dinner. The Pumpkin Patch is awesome, our kids had a blast. I'm pretty sure Hayes and Paisly (my niece/nephew) loved the corn box and hay maze the best. We found all different colors and sizes of pumpkins and Hannah and Houston tried to pick of everything!

Hollise stuck pretty close to Papaw at the Pumpkin Patch, and she sure wasn't going to get dirty! If he wasn't holding her she was going to ride in style.

After picking pumpkins everyone went over to play at the corn box, hay maze, and cotton packing trailer. Hannah found something different...she ran directly to the tractor..and rode, and rode, and rode.

Houston of course enjoyed hanging out and doing a little bit of everything...

Everyone loved "packing cotton", but I think Parker said their was an age limit (Daddy!) But, I think Papaw had more fun than they did! Well, maybe not as much as Hayes...he had a pretty good time!

After all this fun we went to Reuben's (spell?) for catfish! Turns out my children LOVE fried crawfish tails. I can't count the handfuls that Hannah ate. I was really surprised they did so good eating out this time. The last few experiences haven't been so wonderful. Maybe that's because Hollise sat on the end by Papaw and Mimi...I'm sure that's it! Several of you know Hollise just doesn't like eating out right now...but as long as she's center of attention she's good to go!

Yesterday afternoon we painted pumpkins together. We wanted Hannah, Hollise, and Houston to feel like they were able to take part in decorating a pumpkin, but we sure weren't going to give them carving tools, lol! Little did we know we have wonderful artists on our hands. Houston was such a pro at painting, they all were really, but Houston acted like he had painted everyday the entire year and a half of his was really cute.

I think it's pretty clear we had a great weekend. Now, maybe this next weekend we can actually make some room for Andrew.

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ski said...

ok I FINALLY saw a baby bump! Too cute! It looks like you guys really had a blast! We are headed to the pumpkin patch sometime this week. We have PT on Wednesday and a Doctors appointment on Friday and in between all of this we have to hit the pumpkin patch AND have birthday pictures made! I love fall break!