Monday, November 3, 2008

Hi Everyone, I wish I were posting Halloween pics...Sorry, don't have any this year. Friday night was crazy for us and by the time we could actually put the kids in costumes we were so wore out. We felt terrible, we love dressing them up for stuff like that...but sometimes you just have to go with what works.

Now, really who is this excited about getting up in the morning. I'll have to save this picture and show them when they're teenagers telling us they want to sleep!

This morning was such a better morning that we had time to take a picture before school. Notice, Hollise wants to pose for me and she wants them to line up with her like a cheerleader and smile. Houston wants to take a picture, but really...does he always have to take a picture with the girls. Hannah was in the middle of jumping up and down so that I would have something to take a picture of. She wouldn't want to waste a picture on just a smile...she needs some action.

***I had a great lunch today..thanks to Rita, Tennille, Nicole and little Mr. Luke. I wish I would have gotten a sweet tea to go! Being back to work with a bottle of water is no comparison!

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