Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sorry it's taken me so long to update after Drew's doctor visit. He had a great appointment and he's gained a whole pound since coming home...he needed his Mommy :) We'll go back in two weeks for his Synagis (hope i spelled it right) shot (RSV) and hopefully they'll set up monitoring at that time without the oxygen. Some people having been asking if Drew is on oxygen all the time and how much. He is on the oxygen 24/7 unless where changing his clothes or giving him a bath. And by the way he loves his bath! He is on 100ml of 100% oxygen per minute. This isn't very much oxygen at all. I know the 100% sounds strong but really he's only getting 100 ml of the 100%...which is really little oxygen. He mainly needs the flow.

Today is Alan's 32nd Birthday!! It's wonderful sharing this day with our entire family together. We're not having cake because our friend Brandy makes such wonderful brownies my husband is on a brownie kick. So we're having brownies instead...good luck to me on making them.

Thanks everyone and please keep your Prayers coming...God is listening.

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lyndsay said...

Hey girl- I posted a few pics of the girls painting on the site under "customer creations". they are too cute! hope you guys had a good time!! great to see ya!