Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally an update....

Sorry it's been so long...I've been a little busy. We had an appointment this morning with our pediatrician and things are going good with Drew. We've had a few ups and downs this last week, but I think I've got it under control.

Last Thursday night we were woken by his monitor and he had stopped breathing for at least 20 seconds for the monitor to sound. His heart rate was dropping a little, but again the alarm sounds at 98 and this still isn't bad. He usually stays in the 130's with his heart rate. I moved him around a little and he quickly caught his breath. We haven't had any trouble with that since. We have an O2 monitor at home now so we can watch his oxygen saturation levels....thank you Jesus and Dr. Ruff! I'm having to go up a little on his oxygen at night bc he's still such a heavy sleeper. We'll have an appointment sometime within the next month with a Pediatric Pulmonologist (spell?) , not sure where or who yet, to better check Drew's progress. But, for now all is well and and we're better than we were last week.

Hannah, Hollise, and Houston are getting used to having a new brother at home. It's funny to hear them all arguing over whose brother he is...they just don't get it. Hannah and Hollise think he's a real baby doll and they feed their babies, change their diapers, use burp cloths and the whole bit when we feed Drew. Houston on the other hand likes Drew just fine as long as he's not in my arms. He's just not so sure about a new brother. But, he's gotten new boots and a hat out of the deal so I think he'll be fine :)

We've been taking time on the weekend to have one on one time with each of the kids. Last week I took the girls to Dandy Doodles (you can see pics on their web site under customer creations). Houston got to go out for ice cream and fell asleep before getting to the end of our road. He and Alan are going to watch the dirt bikes this Friday night so he'll have fun then I'm sure.

I'll post new pics when I'm around a computer with DSL...dial up is just too slow for me!

Thank you very much for all your prayers..Please keep praying. We still have a ways to go to come off this oxygen. But of course the Lord could change that for us!!

Have a good week everyone

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