Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are enjoying family time!!

We do have our appointment now with the Pediatric Pulmonologist. We'll go to Jackson March 27th for the appointment. I'm not sure which doctor we will see (or if there's more than one?), but that's when we're going. I'm feeling really good about Drew's progress this last week. On oxygen he's been holding his saturation above 95 (anything over 92 is good). I have been able to take him off oxygen each morning for a couple of hours this week!! That's awesome!! I'm really proud of him. When he takes a longer nap and at night I have to turn him up a little higher on the oxygen, but that's to be expected. I feel confident we'll have a good appointment.

On to other things...Friday, Alan was home because of the rain and we got a wild hair. We called some friends that have a condo in Gulf Shores and it was empty this weekend. So we loaded up the van and down we came. We all needed a break from the same old scenory. Of course with Drew we can't go out to eat and do the normal beach stuff. But that's just fine! Being able to be in a different place and just hang out in pj's and ordering out good food has been great for us. It's also taken the kids away from all their toys and they've started noticing Drew more. They's been talking to him and making him laugh. Alan and I have stopped several times to just watch and enjoy our wonderful gifts from God. We're so fortunate to have these 4 children. About 3 this morning I woke up to tell Alan Drew was awake and he should get up to feed him (ha!)....and I looked over and Houston and Hannah were curled up together like they used to do in the isolate in the hospital. They were the sweetest I've seen then in a while. At home they have separate beds and haven't slept together since they were about 3 months old. It was so nice to see them in that moment.

I hope you enjoy some new pics


ski said...

Oh gosh an update!! Im thrilled! Glad y'all had a good weekend. Morgan and I had a girls day on Saturday and then today EVERYBODY (but me) is running afeever and sick! Oh well, its life. Have a great week and you should be getting those things in the mail soon.

Tennille said...

Okay!! So I love the pictures-the brood is too cute BUT why did you leave me?!?!?
Seriously, let me know ahead of time next time you get a "wild hair"!!!

Glad ya'll got away- the brood seems to really be enjoying it!!

love ya'll