Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Fun at Our House!!!

This last week has been filled with sick little children. It all started with getting back to school and finding out there was a "possible" tummy virus going around. Let me point out that if someone has a tummy virus at school "possible" isn't the word to's there and it spread like wild fire!
Hannah had it first followed by Hollise only hours later. A few hours in the ER, good meds, and we got a little sleep (i stress little). Things were going right along and we thought we had it made with only the girls getting sick until Wednesday. Houston got sick and the poor baby even got sick during the night. I felt so bad for him. But once I was home with Houston and Drew all by myself I just know Drew was going to get sick. I stressed and stressed until I found myself in tears!! My Mom came out and rescued me...but Drew still got sick. He's getting a little better. We're still on diluted formula right now bc he just can't handle regular strength. But all in all things are starting to look better. Thank you Jesus!

Today the triplets have gone to watch Uncle Parker and Uncle Presly ride horses...maybe they'll come home really tired :)


AmandaD80 said...

Awww...hate to hear all the kids were sick. Even Drew. Glad ya'll are getting back to normal. We miss you at BBC.

EHA Class of 1994 said...

Hope everyone is finally feeling better :-)