Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sick Again

Just as everyone got over the stomach virus this terrible cough took over! Hannah, Hollise, and Houston have the typical cold/allergy stuff from all the pollen in the air (ugh!!). Little Drew on the other hand had just a cough and now he has pneumonia.
He had been coughing, along with the other three, for the last few days. He hasn't been running a fever and everyone by last Friday night really appeared/sounded better. Drew began loosing his voice...he would cry or attempt to make noises but you couldn't hear anything coming out. We got a humidifier and that really helped loosen things up. I really thought he was getting better too. Until this morning...
About 3 or 4 a.m. Drew started this terrible cough. Much worse than he has had. It was a constant cough that just would not stop. He threw up his bottle from his deep coughing and he was producing tons of bubbles and drool from his mouth...much more than should ever have been coming out. A little blood work, a few x rays, and one ambulance ride later and here we are in the Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson.
Drew has pneumonia in his right lung. We have had to go up a good bit on his oxygen today and since about 4:30 this afternoon he's been steady at about 1/2 a liter. His heart rate is good and his respiration have come down to a normal range. This morning he was breathing pretty fast!
They're running a few more test in the morning. We'll update tomorrow after we've talked to his doctor. Not sure there will be much to report, but we'll wait and see.
Thank you all for praying on such short notice today!!! Please continue to pray for out little guy. Drew has been very patient with all that is going on. I'm so proud of him. He's a very strong little boy. Hopefully Alan and I can get some sleep tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's seriously needed.
Daddy and Gina have Hannah, Hollise, and Houston...word is they could care less about Mommy and Daddy right now. I'm sure they're having a good time. We've borrowed my brother's lap top so we'll be able to continue updating everyone as we can on the blog.

BBC girls...I miss you all too. Maybe I'll be able to chat a bit with you all tomorrow.


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