Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Morning

I'm not sure if I really feel rested today or maybe I just don't know the difference anymore. I know if I don't watch Alan he'll be taking a nap before I know it :) I wish I could do that. He is really good about trying to nap/sleep when Drew does. I'm terrible at that!! It takes so long for my mind to stop thinking of so many different things so that I can actually sleep. But I did sleep about 5 hours last night!!

Ok..since the first paragraph I've been trying to complete this update for the last hour. Drew took priority being really fussy and uncomfortable this morning. He's eating good, but not so much 4 ounces at one feeding right now (which is normal for him). He's eating a couple of ounces here and there. His tummy is hurting some, or he appears as though it is. He's having a bit of an upset stomach this morning, but I've got him comfortable and watching his mobile right now.

A lot has gone on in the last little bit. The doctor and RT listened to him this morning and thought his wheezing was getting better and really they weren't hearing any this morning. They both said they could hear a little more air moving in the upper right lung than heard yesterday. Recent blood work and urine are coming back negative for infection...WhooHoo! This means the Rocephine (spell?) and fluids are working. Drew is trying to cough up a good bit of stuff. It's not actually coming up but it sounds as though it's loosening in his chest...which is great. The doctor this morning told me not to be surprised in the next day if all of a sudden he has lots of stuff coming out his nose. To me things are starting to look and sound a little better.

He's still the happiest, sick baby I've ever seen! I always thought me and my brother Randle were the only kids who loved having our blood pressure taken. We thought the thing tightening on our arm was really cool...go figure. But Drew is fan as well, lol.

So...let me just throw this out there for all of the nurses out there. Well, not all.... the majority are Happy, Nice, Pleasant Nurses. Keep in mind I'm NOT a nurse..this is me speaking as a Mother!
*If you've never been introduced to me or my child and your taking care of us for the next 12 hours it would be nice when you walk in to SMILE and introduce yourself.
*Given the fact your taking care of us in a hospital or doctors office is a sure sign that WE are the ones having the BAD day!! So you may want to check that attitude at the door.
*When I ask you questions...I'm not questioning your abilities as a nurses!! I'm questioning you because I haven't had any medical training so some words you use are foreign to me or I may simply want you to explain something a little more. Also I may be questioning you bc the last shift nurse may have given me a different I have been told two different things and you are the one here now so you are the one stuck explaining the entire thing again and why he/she may have told me something different. Please don't sigh, shrug, or roll your eyes!
*Just like in my job where I key several different data entries concerning numerous people, I understand you see TONS of patients in a day! But, you happen to be in a profession (which you chose) that requires you to stop, take a moment and remember that I have been waiting several hours (in a hospital setting) for you to walk in the door and give me some sort of update. So please try to appear to be happy, attempt to care, and treat us as actual people and not just another part of your job.

I don't mean at all that we're having a bad experience here!! It's AWESOME!! I think just lack of sleep, being away from Hannah, Hollise, and Houston, and Alan not being with me when they were going back and forth about the appt just sent me for a loop.....which is why is would be good for people to SMILE

Hope I'm not offending anyone!! Then again maybe I've been offended today. We are not seeing the Pulmonologist today. I know just like Alan and I so many of you have been waiting on this appointment with us. Apparently lack of communication somewhere gave me the impression until about 9 this morning that we would be having someone come and get us to take us to the appointment. The doctor has come by and explained the Pulmonologist has been updated on Drew and is comfortable waiting until April 10 to see him. It will also be a follow up of sorts I guess. I'm okay with this now...I had just been told a few different things and didn't understand how 3 different people in a matter of hours were telling me different things.

Well...that's enough for now. Drew is sleeping now and not moving around as though he is uncomfortable anymore. So hopefully he will rest for a little while. Alan has gone home to change out or clothes and get Drew his bouncer/swing. One of the girls from the Activity Room are coming to sit with him in a little bit so I can go down to the cafeteria. By the way the bacon here in the morning is SO good! And directions here are tricky to catch on to but I'm getting the hang of it. For instance...if someone tells you take a left, your first right, look for the ATM's, right again, thru some doors and then you'll see it....this means you must assume they're telling you to go to the first floor, take a right off the elevators, go down a ramp, find the correct hall to be on then follow directions. Oh and a right turn could really be a curve in the hall or a zig zag to the right, lol. But this place is wonderful!


ski said...

ha ha ha ha I love the "how to" section on how to treat a patient. I think more nurses need to be on the recieving end of their job sometimes.

Good to hear Drew is comming home. Again, I will call sometime this week to check on you all.

Lisa McReynolds said...

Yeah, Batson was a wonderful facility...but a few certain nurses were, um, lacking in the personality department.

And I'm SO GLAD to know that I wasn't the only one who could not seem to find my way around that campus at ALL. Good thing I had to spend most of my time in the room with Sydney because when I did get lucky enough to venture out...LOST CITY!!! :)