Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh...I've slept great this weekend!

Being home has been so nice. Even though we were only gone a couple of days...with 6 people in our house having to be situated it seriously turned our world upside down! We came home finding the kids cups still having a little chocolate milk in them from breakfast..ugh...they quickly went to the garbage.

Drew is really sleeping good back in his bed. He is waking up about midnight and btwn 4 and 5 in the morning. I'm sure he's needing that extra fluid right now and it amazes me how God equips them with the knowledge of things they need. His tummy is still a bit upset from the antibiotics and his cough is extremely wet. He's getting enough up this morning that I can start suctioning his mouth some to help get rid of all that. On that note...

***Shout out to anyone, you know who you are!, that have any of those wonderful bulb syringes that you get from the hospital :) Our house could use a couple of pressure

Hannah, Hollise, and Houston have been having the best time going back and forth with Grandparents. They'll be back home tonight hopefully, we'll see how Drew does today.

Thanks everyone for Praying for us! On our end we can actually see God working in our lives.

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Tennille said...

YAY!!!Im so glad ya'll are better!! I know that I am one of the bulb seringe friends you mentioned ans as much as I love you Tehans- I cannot part with mine!!! Dr. Ruff can "steal" you some I'm sure!!! Glad ya'll are home and doing so good. I've been in bed with the stomach virus or I would have responded sooner!!! Love you.