Monday, October 5, 2009

A fly on the wall...

I wish so many of you could just peek in on us during our day. Hannah, Hollise, and Houston are so funny to watch while they interact with each other. They're so smart!! And at first I thought..pat on the back to me and Alan...we're really teaching them things in the midst of the craziness! I'm not sure that's what is happening, lol.

They see something they aren't sure about and they figure it out together. Since there is more than one child watching Mickey Mouse Club House they talk to each other out loud when helping Mickey decide which "mouse-ka-tool" would work best. Or the City work trucks. I had no clue there was a garbage truck, sweeper truck, and a truck that picked up your tree limbs and such. Well, my kids will let you know real quick there is a difference!! Houston says, "see, it's real close to the edge bc it's sweeping up the street". I didn't teach him this, he just figures it out. Such smart children!! Now I have to help them keep up these good learning habits! Hopefully we'll be able to put them in preschool next August.

Lately we've been meeting friends (cousins really) at the park twice a week. The kids LOVE this and Drew really enjoys watching them play. I take his walker with us so he can stand and see them better. Maybe it will be nice later in the week and we'll have a picnic.

Tomorrow I'm taking Houston back to Dr Heck's for x-rays. I'm sure everything will be great. I am a little concerned about his cast going in the dirty pool last week, but YAY for being able to get a new one tomorrow. I am assuming we will get another one....maybe not.

Drew had been pretty sick over the weekend, but is doing much better today. Still off oxygen!!

Happy Monday everyone!


Lisa McReynolds said...

Sweety, you could probably have the best reality show out there! A DECENT one for a change! :) Sounds like y'all have a blast daily.

Emilie said...


Wasn't sure if my e-mail addy for you was still good.....

We're planning on taking some kids from the church up to Hamilton (north of Columbus) next Saturday to pick pumpkins.....we'll be leaving at 2:30...just wanted to mention it in case y'all might be interested in going.

If we have enough people going who want to take it - we have use of the church van and we're planning on taking at least 1 truck to haul back pumpkins in.....Russ doesn't have the pics up yet, but we got a 78.6 lb one, I did NOT mis-type that.

E-mail me if y'all are interested.
Emilie (Hunter's mom)
edm1 AT msstate DOT edu