Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gap Casting Call

Good Morning Everyone...I finally have everyone up on the Gap Casting Call. Well, I do have to put Drew's pic up today!! I just took a good one yesterday. You can go to and Click on Casting Call. You'll have to create a free Log In or you may already have a Disney Log In since Disney is Hosting this year. Either way, you can vote once a day until November 17!!! We just put them up so we only have a few votes....some kids have almost 2000 serious voting to be done people, come on!!! :) lol

You can search by typing in my parent ID: tripletsplusmom

Or by typing in one of the kids photo ID's, not sure the girls pics are approved for voting yet:


Onto the kids....

Drew is going everywhere in his walker!!! The little guy loves to sneak up on us. Right now he's in his walker lined up with Hannah and Houston watching Mickey Mouse. I catch him just watching Houston, he thinks he's so funny! Drew has now been off oxygen 3 wks!!! He's doing great and really having a growth spurt, finally. His little personality is growing every day. With the oxygen, I now see that his body was almost always resting (mind & body). He's really starting to come out of his shell. We go back to Pulmonary on Oct 22, but I'm trying to change to the Tupelo Clinic bc there are TONS of Swine Flu cases at LeBonheur. I know we can pick it up anywhere, and washing hands is best, but really...why walk right into it, ya know. I have other options and that's what I'm going with. It may take a little longer to get in there, but that's just fine.

Hollise is developing some crazy habits! The girl is doing all sorts of crazy things in her sleep. Two nights ago she sat up in her bed screaming as if someone was after her. I walked in, she was sound asleep!!!! I laid her down and she was out cold...never made another sound. At least twice a week she's waking up in different clothes than she went to bed in. Really it's only happened twice I think, but in the past wk. She's changing clothes A LOT during the day and walking around in a hat all the time now. Maybe she's just really into fashion, I don't know. But she's super cute doing it!

Hannah, my goodness she's a little mother. Don't do this, do this now, don't point at me, don't spank me, move, no you right now...what am I to do with this one. Oh...and Houston just got her good!! He took her paci and said, "no more paci!". She's down to one paci and I'm all for her loosing that thing. She goes through good times and bad with it...right now she won't let it go. But I'm hoping Santa Claus will take it with him, :)

Houston has got to stop eating paper!!! Seriously the boy is like a goat. He's doing great with his arm, but yesterday I did have some trouble with him. He dunked his entire cast arm in the kiddie pool!!! Which had water from the past two wks of rain and was just nasty water. I'm sure almost everyone saw this coming at some point..but UGH!! They didn't want him in a waterproof cast bc he DIDN'T need to get his arm wet. There is a surgery incision in there that's only been unwrapped to get air for about 20 mins and it just doesn't need nasty water all over it. I tried texting my brother in law, brian (he does casts) but couldn't get him. So, I took a hair dryer to it, lol. It stinks, but worked.

Okay, off to get the kiddos dressed and playing.

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