Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi everyone...

We've had another great week! I'm learning to calm down and just take things as they come now that I'm at home. It really has been a learning process for me. I was trying so hard every single day to feed and take care of Drew, do some sort of school type activity with the kids, art projects, lunches, snacks, dinners, laundry, cleaning, and a nap was always a dream waiting to come true. Now that reality has set in and I know I'm going to be home for a few years I'm really enjoying my kids. Not that I didn't before, but I find I'm doing things with them I would have never done before had I been working. Don't get me wrong, I love being out with adults and working...but I'm finding this way of life is just fine right now.
The kids are so funny! Hannah ran in the other day saying, "Hey you guys..I can't find it" and she is turning flips like you wouldn't believe. She flips off the couch, recliner, really anything in the living room that looks worthy. Hollise is suck a princess! She's really getting into dress-up and LOVES wearing my high heels. Which is fine with me because I'm a flip flop kind of girl these days. She really is getting a different personality than Hannah and Houston. Hollise is very out going, but she likes being by herself. I've had her alone a few times and whew...she's a talker. I guess she gets that from her Mommy :). Houston is becoming a very accident prone child!!! This morning Hannah dropped a wooden sign on his head (she pulled off our tv stand) and he got a cut on his head. Of course he never acts like anything is wrong and blood is coming out of his scalp! So off we go to the doctor...poor Dr. Ruff and Marla...they're such troopers to put up with our household. Gotta love them for it! Houston got one little staple and we'll go back Monday to have it taken out. Drew, Drew, Drew, He's perfect! His o2 Sat is about 99 all day long and it does dip a little during the night, but that's just fine. He is still on the oxygen during the night anyway, but it won't be long.
Just wanted to do a little update and let everyone know we're here and were doing great! Love you all and keep praying for all of us!!

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