Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We have had an awesome weekend! Nothing really going on but lots of family time. We've played with our new Freeze and Play Ice Cream Ball...a BIG THANKS to Carrie Edwards and Ian. Today we made chocolate ice cream.
I want to say how lucky we are to have a Daddy like Alan. He works outside all day and comes home and gets in the floor and plays for hours with the kids. He's the calm parent and I'm sure you are all well aware that I'm the one wound a bit tight! We make a great balance for our kids and life wouldn't be the same without him as our Daddy. Hannah and Hollise love dancing with Daddy when music comes on...they stand on his feet...and Houston can't wait for him to get home so he'll have someone to play ball with. Drew loves rolling around on the floor with him and plays so hard he passes right out. Alan puts so much energy into our family. He is truly one of a kind.
I wasn't sure what to expect December 26, 2006 when we brought Hannah home. Not just from having a new baby at home, but from Alan as a Daddy and helper with our baby. He has never skipped a beat! We traded out feedings when Hannah was the only one home. Hollise came home a week later and we still were able to feed the girls with just trading out feedings. Some nights we would get up and feed them together so we could go back to bed quicker, but Houston came home a week later on January 8, 2007 and changed! Suddenly we didn't know what to do with one more baby...I'm not kidding..we didn't have a clue. But, Alan and I learned together. He does everything I do with our kids and sometimes more. Not that I'm counting :) but he really is a partner and I'm so thankful to the Good Lord above.
I also want to say a special thank you to my Daddy. I think the world of my Daddy. I truly think my Daddy knows a little bit of everything and every answer he has is the right one. If Daddy says everything is fine..then it is. I don't know what it is about him, what he says goes and I find great comfort in that. He is a very hard worker and he works very hard for his family. I just love him so much!! Lord, Thank You for giving me the Daddy you did...He is the BEST!!

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