Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sorry, I know it's been a LONG time!!

I was able to load messages from me cell phone, but Houston broke it :(. Now I'm somewhat back in action. So much has been happening since I last updated. I may repeat myself because I didn't look at my last update. For those that don't know...Houston BROKE his arm!!
About 4 weeks ago he was playing in Drew's car seat (on the couch). No matter how many times I said STOP, he wouldn't listen. He fell and tried to stop himself with his left hand. He broke his arm so easy because he has a dense spot in the bone leading to his thumb and it broke right through this place. He loves spiderman so much that he wanted his Uncle Brian to put on a Spiderman Red Cast. And that's exactly what he got. Yesterday we went back for an x-ray and things are looking great. His arm is healing great and he got a new, shorter, waterproof, orange cast. It's funnier hearing Houston say all that rather than just reading it, lol.
On to Drew's updates...Drew is doing awesome! He has been off oxygen during the day for a month now. He is on 1/8 of 1 liter still at night...but he tries to pull out his cannula as often as he can. He just had an x-ray on Monday and another echo done at LeBehuner. Wow..they spent more time doing his echo than UMC has done all together with the 2 they've done. I couldn't believe how wonderful these people were. We will go back in July for a sleep test and a sweat test the next morning. They're doing the sweat test to check for Cystic Fibrosis. They said at some point since birth he as had symptoms of this and they want to test to be sure. Although it is a manditory test in MS at birth they would still like to do the test to be sure. I feel confident he doesn't have it.
Hannah and Hollise are two of the biggest helpers I could ask for!! The other day Hollise actually fed Drew by herself. Now, keep in mind I was right there with her :) Hannah is such a talker (like her mom) and Hollise is one to take everything in and make sure you do things right.
They're all doing so good and I'm learning how to be home all day with 4 small children. Hannah, Hollise, and Houston can say there days of the week, their months of the year, ABCs, and counting to I think I'm doing pretty good so far.

**Babycenter Chat Girls*** I miss you all SO much!! I've gotten your messages, emails, etc. I wish I could chat with you girls from my phone. But I just can't get on the computer much during the day!! Why don't you all add me to your Facebook...Michelle Tehan...add me! I miss y'all!

Enjoy the pics


AmandaD80 said...

Awww...glad things are going well w/ the kiddos. I have you saved to my blog. I'll add you to facebook!

Christina Phillips said...


Us BBC girls miss you like crazy!!! Its so good to hear that Drew is doing well! :) And I just want to add that you definately have one of the most beautiful families I've ever seen!!!

Hopefully we can chat soon!
Christina (dance10481)

Tennille said...

oh! Those kiddos are too cute. I miss ya'll!!!! Can we do lunch soon?!?