Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Big World, It's a Big-Big World......

This schedule change is really working in my favor! Since the kids didn't like the word NAP we have changed it to "quiet time"..wink wink! After lunch they were sitting on the couch and watching PBS (it's a big world, barney, etc) and then getting back up to play. I just couldn't get anything done! But waking everyone up by 7am, getting dressed, breakfast, playing hard inside and out, little project, and a good's paying off!

They now have quiet time from 12-2 and I don't care if they play in their room, take a nap, whatever...but they have have to stay in their room. This took about 5 days of me sticking with my choice to have a 2 hour break for everyone. It was really hard the first day or two, especially since we're in a new place and new routine. I stood outside their rooms somedays making them stay in there,lol.

Now, I'm enjoying a quiet lunch all to myself! Leftover vinegar/bacon greenbeans and grilled good!! But I have plenty to do when I'm done...laundry, sweeping/mopping, shower, maybe I'll have time to start unpacking in mine and Alan's room...that's stretching it a bit...we'll see.

I wanted to finish with some of the funny things the kids are doing now...

*She's really into putting her hands out and saying "He does it everytime!". Speaking of Houston hitting her.
*"Mom, I can't want it". No matter how many times I tell them it's "do not or don't want", they still say "I can't want". Maybe they just can't do it, no matter how hard they I'm giving up on that one for now.
*The girl LOVES a bath!.
*She's really missing her friends from school now. But their friend Chloe is coming to play this week.

*My goodness is she girly!!! Hollise is a proper princess born into the wrong royal family!
*Her new thing is, "What"...
*Her and Hannah both have become Hello Kitty fans!
*She has developed a great love for folding clothes. Or shall I say wadding them up and saying "here mom, i did it!". But they have to start somewhere and I'm excited about this.
*If they are all getting a drink from my cup of water, she'll say "that's enough". Bless her..she gets this honest. If Randle and I had to share a drink I had to say "that's enough" the entire time he drank ALL the drink!! I never got any.

*My goodness, I think he has proved numerous times he is all boy...enough is enough!
*His favorite thing to say right now...I'm not proud to say is..."stop it" or "no, you be quiet". I shouldn't put that out there..but that's it..that's him..and I'm working on this.
*He is the sweetest, mommy's boy in the mornings. He loves walking in my room to wake me up when his Daddy leaves for work. "Come on Mommy, time to get up".
*If he doesn't slow down he will break another bone!
...speaking of bone, we go to see Dr. Butler tomorrow to check on a bone cyst that continues to grow pretty fast. It's just a fiboris cyst, but please, keep him in your prayers.

*The sweetest, happiest, laughing, HUNGRY, little boy!
*If he can get his arms and legs to work together he'll be crawling.
*He can roll anywhere he wants to go..usually wherever is Hollise is.
*The boy loves food! He can't get enough Sweet Peas!
*We go back to Pulmonary on the 18th..please keep him in your prayers as well. He will most likely be taken off the oxygen at night..whoo hoo.

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