Thursday, August 6, 2009

What A Day.....

Some days, like today, I find myself so overwhelmed. By the end of the day I just want to shut down and fall fast asleep...but I can't!! My mind is going in several different directions and thinking about how tomorrow can be/will be better. We live on such a strict routine and life is really peaceful this way. However, things start going so well that I start letting a few things slide. Between moving, catching up on sleep, potty accidents, Drew trying to move around more and crawl, it's much easier to say...Oh, I'll let that slide today. Well, letting things slide 3 or 4 weeks ago has become a HUGE problem today!

Somehow I have got to get my day back together for me and the kids. It isn't fare to them or me. I'm running behind them cleaning up messes, they're getting into trouble, and I feel like my days revolve around making a meal and cleaning up after the meal! When I keep them entertained, learning, artwork, etc. they really listen and interact better with one another and have an all around better day. They nap when they should because they have actually played hard enough to be tired...all that stuff works out. But me doing just what I need during a day to get through the day is for the birds!! I've had wonderful days, don't get me wrong, but today I had my limit and tomorrow is a new start.

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