Friday, August 28, 2009

We didn't get to do the MRI today! We were told Houston could have a lite breakfast this morning, just nothing past 8:15am. Turns out a lite breakfast meant clear liquids and not 3 or 4 spoonfulls of Cheerios washed down with a little milk at 7am. And the poor boy wasn't even hungry! Me and his Gammy made him take a few bites of dry cereal bc we didn't want him starving on the way to Memphis. Poor little guy. Alan was pretty mad!!!! They could do it 8 hrs later, but that was 3pm and the only MRI's done there after 3 are emergency only.

So, we go back Tues for the MRI at 6am and Wed surgery at 6am. I'll double check with Dr. Heck that this is ok for him to be put to sleep twice in 24 hrs. I'm sure Radiology wouldn't have scheduled it for Tues if it wasn't ok. We'll see....crazy things keep happening. I think God is forcing me and Alan to ride together and talk since by the time we have the chance at home we are passing out, seriously, we're so tired!

We really do appreciate all your prayers. So many of you have placed our family on your Church Prayer List, Thank You. Please put us on your Church Prayer list if you haven't. Prayer is such a wonderful gift...God is so good to us!!

I read great news on Lana Taylor's page on Dale!!! Congrats....Prayers answered.

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