Sunday, September 20, 2009

My First 40 Days is almost up!!!

As of Friday, September 25, I will have completed my First 40 Days as a Tastefully Simple Consultant. Because of so many of you, these first 40 Days have been much more than expected! I have been able to introduce Tastefully Simple to family, friends, and I have even made a few new friends. You're finding out how easy these products really are to make and fit into your everyday life. People are asking for your new recipes and Tastefully Simple is becoming a pantry staple in Starkville.

All products are add one or two ingredients, or open and enjoy! We have breads, desserts, appetizers, snacks, main dishes, gifts, seasonings, you name....we have it!!! By the end of this week I will have completed my First 40 Day, Company Goal of 4 Parties in 40 Days. I am SO close to reaching my Product Sales Goal as well!!! Now is a great time to try these new products. Check out my web site:
You can purchase directly through the web site and you will have these delicious products in your home in about 6 days. If you order early tomorrow morning, chances are you can have your products in by Friday or first thing Saturday morning. Just in time for Tailgating. Please do contact me anytime with questions or products orders. I'm always happy to help.

Thank you again,

Michelle Tehan

****Also, New Consultant Blast Off Kits are available for only $99 until the end of September. This is a huge savings and tons of goodies inside. Enough products for yourself and your first four parties. Ask me how to become a New Consultant if you're interested.

On to the kiddos...

Hannah, Hollise, Houston, and Drew are fabulous!

Hannah is becoming seriously chatty, yes...more than even me. I don't know how that's possible, but the girl can't be quiet lately.

Hollise decided she needed a little more attention last Thursday. She climbed onto the table, buckled herself into Drew's table-top high chair, couldn't get herself out...and I asked her to wait a minute bc I was little stinker scooted herself right off the table!! No, I'm not kidding. So..another Tehan trip to the ER because her left foot was swelling and she couldn't wiggle her toes. No broken bones, thank goodness!!! But they (er staff) thought she was going to be pretty bruised and possibly not want to walk the next morning. Whatever..the girl still isn't walking. I do feel bad for my sweet girl, she's crawling everywhere and the bruises on her foot are coming to the surface just today. It's not fun!

Houston is back to being the sweetest little guy ever. He's such a thoughtful child. Full of life and loving his Basketball and Soccer. He's really gotten into soccer with his arm hurting. I'm telling you, the child is super talented. I don't know many two year olds that would still practice their dribbling (is that a word?) with a long arm cast on.....and actually walk around while dribbling. Crazy, but he's so good at it.

Drew, has been OFF oxygen 2 full wks now. He has also had a pretty good growth spurt! I'm excited about his checkup later this week to see how much he's grown. He's crawling a little, saying da-da when HE wants to, and he'll give his Daddy high-5, lol

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ski said...

Sounds like the kids are doing great! Dribbeling IS a word and that's awesome that he has found a sport to enjoy!!

Congrats on doing so well with you business! Keep up the good work.