Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Things have gone pretty smooth this morning. Houston got in the van and said, "We're going to the hospital".

We got him changed into his gown and some pretty cool socks...only Alan and I thought they were cool. Houston is NOT a fan! We waited about an hour and got plenty of quality time playing with Spiderman, Backhoe, and Roller...goodness. He got to go to the Bunny Room and pick out a toy prior to surgery. He picked out a little tool set, which we should probably figure out how to open for when he gets back. You know toys aren't the easiest things to get into these days!!

Dr. Heck said the MRI looked just as he thought, an ABC. They are first doing a biopsy and will look at the biopsy with the Pathologist (I hope I have that correct) before continuing surgery. There is a 1 in 10 chance they will not be able to diagnose the biopsy today. But there is a 9 out of 10 chance they will and will continue the surgery as planned today. If they do not get a clear diagnosis they will stop operation until diagnosis is completed and complete surgery another day. Please be praying they are able to complete the process of surgery today along with your prayers for Houston and our family.

Thank you all for praying and thinking of our family. We appreciated the emails, messages, texts, calls....we know so many of you are thinking of us.

Michelle and Alan

Oh....I've been meaning to thank some of the Starkville Firefighters for showing Houston, and his brother and sisters, the Firetruck the other day!!! This really made Houston's week and he hasn't stopped talking about it yet!!! Now, Hannah and Hollise...they just want to drive the watch out!

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Lexe Wilson said...

I love it! You will have to tell him they have a family member who is a firefightern bet they would love it. Well extended family. I pray everything keeps going well with Houston. We'llsee you next weekend!