Monday, September 7, 2009

These are the Good Old Days...for my kids

There is just something special about watching your kids have moments that you had years ago....moments you have remembered your entire life. I stop and watch them teach Drew to crawl forward and not backwards. Hollise and Houston lined up beside him on the floor as if they were about to race. Over and over they crawled across the floor and still...Drew goes backwards, laughing. He loves getting their attention! Sometimes I think he won't crawl forward just so they'll play with him.

Hannah woke up and while getting everyone ready for the day I notice the Parent Trap is on Disney. MY FAVORITE!!!! I remember laying on the floor, on my parents mauve carpet:), watching this black and white movie my Mom said over and over I would like. I wasn't so sure about that because I didn't like "new" movies at all. Boy was I wrong about this one. The Parent Trap is really the first movie I remember watching, liking, and understanding the funny things happening in the movie. So here I sit this morning trying to get my 2 yr old girls to enjoy the same moment I did years ago. But it's not working!!! They're 2 and I was about 5 or 6, for now it's a hope for them to love the Parent Trap just as I do.

Yesterday the Temptations movie was on vh1. For those that don't know me so well...I'm just sort of a Fan! If I ever bumped into Mr. Otis he would get such an earful from me!! I at least want to sing my girl with them once...come on...they don't know I'm tone deaf, lol. I take the kids and twirl them singing.."my girl, my girl..or my boy, my boy". They love it and say, "do again Mommy". Randle and I always knew it was a good day when we woke up to the Temptations, Supremes, or Van Morrison and the sound of the vacuum going. Awkward combination, yes I know. We would get out of bed, bc that vacuum was so loud, and open our door to Mom dancing and singing. We had a clean smelling house, folded clothes on the table...for us to put up..and there was just something calming about that. It was a good day, good times, and good music. That kind of music can change any bad day for's feel good music!


Houston is just fine! Other than the big, blue, splint on his arm he's fine. This ABC and surgery hasn't slowed him down one bit. We go back on Friday for his Post Op.

Hannah...well, Hannah is trying to convince Alan and I that she needs a Pink Dog?

Hollise wants everyone to chase her. I'm glad she's not in school right now with this crazy flu stuff. She would be so caught up in kiss chase she would get everyone sick, lol.

Drew is reaching for you to pick him up. He has only said Momma once and this morning Alan heard him say Hey. He can give you "high 5" and as I said above he's working on crawling forward. Thanks to Mimi and Papaw he got a walker and his well on his way to running!

Love you all...thanks for the Prayers. Alan and I had such a calming feeling the morning of Houston's surgery. We couldn't have stressed over Houston if we wanted to. I of course lost it one good time when my sweet boy was taken from me. But, we could actually feel God keeping us calm. Houston had a wonderful surgery day. The MRI wasn't so fun, but he was just fine for surgery. Never cried that morning, didn't fuss going with the doctors by himself. He is such a strong little boy! None of us could have made it through that week without all of you and your Prayers...Thank you again.

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