Thursday, September 10, 2009

This week has been a turning point for my boys. Houston's attitude has really changed for the better. The entire summer Alan and I watched him get aggravated, angry, and frustrated with almost everyone, about everything. He was hurting, pain meds did nothing for him, and he was just doing whatever he could to make himself comfy. That was a really hard time bc we struggled with disciplining our child that was clearly doing wrong, but he was in so much pain at times...what do you do? This surgery has really made a difference in all of our lives! Houston feels so much better, the girls can actually play with him, I'm not saying the same things over and's really nice. Don't get me wrong, our household is still wild and crazy...but the attitudes are so much better.

Yesterday Houston and Drew played on the floor together for an hour or two. That's never happened before! He told my Mom thank you for playing football with him, he says excuse me when passing the girls in the sweet little ball player is back!

Drew is starting to wave!!! We're working on a few more things but watching him learn these first little things is so awesome. I went back to work when the triplets were 4 months old and even went back part time 2 wks after Drew was born (for about a month) to save up my leave time for when he came home. I missed lots of firsts and fun little moments to get things done at times....but I'm really soaking that up right now. I'm here, days are great, days are hard, and you just have to dive in and love the moments with your kids..good or bad, happy or sad.

Our little Princesses are still the same little girls. Thank goodness for that! But they are getting a little more opinionated! I thought I could wait until they were 13 or so before I got "Mom, stop it". Nope, it's already starting...gotta get control of that one.

Okay, off to clean some and play hard before lunch. Great hopes for the kids taking a nap today!

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