Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Andrew Update

Sorry we haven't been able to update anything. We've been busy back and forth to Tupelo, taking care of Hannah, Hollise, and Houston and recovering....needless to say Alan's tired!!!

Andrew has Pulmonary Hyper Tension, Low Blood Pressure problems, and Premature Lungs. His x-rays over the past few days have shown a little improvement to his lungs. Sunday Andrew had several setbacks that ended up as improvements. The tube to his lungs was a little small and allow air to leak. He was getting extra gas on is tummy and he was trying to compensate and breathe over his oscillator (not sure of spell?) which was causing his stats to not look good. His blood gases weren't getting better and were actually starting to look worse. They reintubated (spell?) him and put a better size tube in, made changes to his oscillator (type of ventilator) through the night and since Monday around 4 a.m. he has been stable and consistent with his numbers. His blood gases have continued to improve which tells them they are moving in the right directions with his machine settings.

He has been on antibiotics since he was at OCH to prevent any infection. He was having blood pressure problems between 2 and 4 a.m. where his blood pressure would drop really low and that hasn't happened in two nights...Thank you Jesus!! He is on Dopamine for his blood pressure and they've lowered that over the last day. His oxygen level continues to go up and down depending on the last time they had to work with him. We were getting so excited as his oxygen would come down but we've come to learn this will just about go up and come down every single day. He did have to have a blood transfusion yesterday. Newborns don't create new blood cells until they're about 3 months old. They've been testing his blood gases so often they're having to replace his blood.

A good day for us right now is when he's stable and thankfully this has been the case since 4 a.m. Monday. We're waiting to go in to see him now. Please check out information on Pulmonary Hyper Tension. Andrew is very touchy. He doesn't like any stimulation..good or bad. I've been able to hold him one time and bless his heart he cried. He doesn't like to be moved, rubbed, or even have a diaper changed!! He's very sensitive to noises and we pretty much leave him alone. We can touch the top of his head and he appears to be happy with that. He does move around a bit when Alan and I talk to him.

We'll have a chance to update again tonight.

**Andrew's blood type is A+ and he may have to have 2-3 more transfusions depending on his time here. He can have A+, A-, O+, and O-. If you are able to donate to him please let us know so that we can put you on the list to donate as soon as possible.

Thanks..or email address is tehantriplets@yahoo.com Thank you so much for your prayers and please keep them coming.

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