Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve...

Alan and I are waiting to go in to see Andrew. I saw him earlier today and I thought he was looking a little bigger. We had noticed he was getting a little roll under his chin yesterday. It's because he's gained 12 ounces in fluid and swelling! They told me to expect him to loose a good bit of weight after coming off the machines, but that would be a good thing.

His dopamine was turned back up this morning. They were cleaning his tubes and things and of course he got a little testy. But he's been maintaining a good blood pressure the rest of the day. The amplitude on the oscillator has been turned down twice today and it's now at 29. The pressure is around 14. To Alan and I this is a really big deal considering the amount of support it was providing him over the weekend. The oscillator is a type of ventilator and they have told us he will step down to a conventional ventilator when the time comes. Right now he's staying somewhat sedated to keep him from trying to breathe over the machines. He just needs to relax and let his medicine and machines do the work. He's been doing a great job with that since early Monday.

We haven't heard about an x-ray of his lungs in the last day or so. We'll ask about that when we go in tonight.

We've been hearing about all sorts of people from all over praying for our family. We really appreciate the prayers and we can see God's work in progress. Thank you all!!!!

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