Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah, Hollise, and Houston!!!!!

WOW...they're 2 today!! Can you believe it? Time is going by so fast...I wish I could get down on the floor and play with them right now. They're so funny today running around telling each other Happy Birthday. This morning I asked Hollise whose birthday it is and she says "Hannah Birhtday, Bubba Birthday" it your Birthday Hollise?..."yes"..more like "yeth" She likes that it's her bubba's and sister's birthday too. I'll have to remind her that at age 16 when she tells me she's tired of sharing everything :)

We have an unltrasound later today. I'll get back on this afternoon and update you all on that...surely Andrew is still a boy :)

Here's a few birthday pics

Okay..I had to show Hannah's hair curling up with all the rainy weather. She loves it!!! I had a better picture of all the curls but the flash kinda messed the pic up.

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