Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Today has been an Awesome Day. This morning we woke up to three beautiful children ready to see what Santa had brought. We called to check on Andrew and we were told his oscillator setting had come down just a bit (4th day in a row!) and his x-ray looked about the same. The kids played until lunch and we headed out for Tupelo.

Alan and I went in to see Andrew and take him a few things for Christmas...and we were the one he surprised with gifts. He was moving around so much, which is a huge change from being sedated most of the day. We talked to him for a bit and told him today is Jesus Birthday and we told him about the gifts Santa had brought. He began to open his eyes, just as he has tried the last day or so, and today he was able to open BOTH eyes!!! They've been so swollen he hasn't been able to get his right one open. He kept them open for an hour and moved around and held a finger here in there. We finally left because he was getting a little excited and trying to pull at his tubes. We had to let him rest.

The settings on his oxygen have come down to 42 and the nitrous was at 6.8 when we left. This is awesome considering the nitrous is what is showing the Pulmonary Hyper Tension is improving...meaning the setting coming down is showing improvements in his actual problem. His dopamine has gone up just a little, but he's still maintaining all his stats.

We've had a wonderful Christmas, thank you Jesus!!

Merry Christmas

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KelbelleDesigns said...

I'm so glad to hear the new updates on Andrew!!!! It truly sounds like you guys had a wonderful wonderful Christmas!! :0)