Monday, December 1, 2008

Andrew will be here in 3 wks!! ...this is a crazy time!

Well...I thought being home from Wednesday to Sunday would be great! I just knew lots would get done, the kids would stay busy, and well....we're back at work and I'm more rested at this very moment than I have been in days!!

Alan was excited too about being off...but poor thing..he got sick. He felt terrible Thanksgiving Day and didn't get to go anywhere. He's such a picky eater that the food wasn't a big deal anyway...but he threw up, ran just wasn't a good day for him. We had awesome food at my Grandmother's and at Daddy's...I could eat more dressing and sweet potatoes with that good crusty topping right now. Friday we all had a great day. Alan felt better..he changed Andrew's room from our "storage" room to an actual room again. Now he's just got to paint and set things up...he's excited about getting some of that done. Friday night it was me that started feeling bad. I was up at 1:45a.m. and sometime around 4 or 5 I fell asleep in the recliner. My entire body ached and I just knew I was getting the flu. But, like Alan I woke up the next day feeling great...maybe it's a virus going around.

Alan put Andrew's stroller and car seat together last's coming together so fast. I can't believe he'll be here so soon! Hannah, Hollise, and Houston will be 2 next Thursday...gosh has that time gone by fast. We're having their party this weekend..I can't wait. Look for them next Thursday morning on the Birthday Bunch (WCBI)..I sent their picture in this morning. Oh...and we'll be in the Christmas Parade this Saturday night...that should be fun.

It's back to school for these kids...they're excited to go see their teacher

Hannah Playing

This was just the funniest thing ever! Hannah LOVES a tractor..and if you can ride it..WOW, it's even better

I wish Hollise's pic from the front would have turned out's so cute! Notice we put on pj's before we leave just HOPING they fall asleep in the truck, lol. Well I hoped anyway bc I knew Alan couldn't help put them to bed that night.

Houston and Hannah...aren't his boots cute!

They had tons of fun pretending this was a horse...

Rosemary....sorry by the time I got my camera out at Grandmother's it was time to eat. I'll get some of everyone at the party this weekend.

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