Sunday, January 25, 2009

Andrew is finally home!!!

Houston is so tired from playing with Drew all morning...thank goodness, lol

Doesn't Hannah look like a Happy Big Sister

They're wearing their "I'm a Big Brother/Sister Shirts and seeing him in person for the first time. You think Hollise is excited?

This past week has been full of so many ups and downs. Earlier in the week Andrew was put back on the oxygen because he was sleeping so sound and dropping his O2 level. He is not exactly having trouble breathing, he's not always expanding his lungs enough to oxygenate the blood as he should. His doctor said that would push back or date for bringing him home. Alan and I talked with his doctor about bringing him home on oxygen. We had a very healthy, month old boy in NICU that could be healing and on oxygen at home. It was so hard on all of us being so far from him. I just knew if we were able to have him at home he would progress much faster. I was only able to feed him once a day and see him just over an hour a day. After 37 days I just needed my little boy home and God has given me that wonderful gift.

We have him at home with portable oxygen tanks and a machine that uses the air in our home to generate his oxygen. We were a bit concerned about the kids...3 2 year olds, tubes, tanks, machines, new little brother....just screams trouble. But this has been far from what has happened. They love him so much and understand the "tubes" are there to help Drew. Drew's first feeding at home he had plenty of helpers!! They all brought him a diaper and burp cloths and wanted to hold his bottle. They've really been a big help.

Drew is adjusting really well. At first it was really quiet in our room and Drew was used to constant noise..he didn't like the quiet so much. Now he's sleeping so good when it's nice and quiet. He started fussing yesterday because I was talking on the phone in our room. He's such a peaceful little boy and we're so thankful he's home.

He will have a check-up next Thursday and they'll monitor him off the oxygen in 3-4 weeks. Hopefully he won't need it at all by then, if so that's fine. He will heal in God's time and although I'm not patient my Mother and Step-Mother told me this past week sometimes we just have to be patient and wait for God. How right they are. Thursday I was at the hospital thinking about all the changes the Lord had made in our lives just the last week and I can't help but think of the verse Dennis Crabtree kept on his desk. "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord" Psalms 27:14 That's exactly what Alan and I had to do...we just needed to be patient and wait for Him.

Thank you very much to Carrie Edwards and Dawn Morgan for dinner last week. I'm not sure if Alan or the kids liked the ice cream better. It was a wonderful dinner and the thought from the both of you really made me feel so good. I just can't describe what that meant to me.

Brandy Monfort....the last brownie was eaten about an hour ago!! I don't know what you do different than I do, but Alan thinks they're fabulous.

Mr. Tommy Luke, I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers for our family. Thank you for the diapers!!!

Thank you all for keeping up with our family and keeping us in your prayers. It means so much to us. Please keep your prayers coming.

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lyndsay said...

praise the Lord! I think you should celebrate every year on that day for Andrew's homecoming! :o)