Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great news today....Andrew is moving to the third step-down room this morning. They were admitting more babies and once again he is the wellest (i'm sure this isn't a word) of the sick and gets to move. This is great! He has eaten 80ml (90ml is 3 ounces) through the night and this morning. I told you he's a little pig. They don't plan to do another x-ray until later in the week. But they tell us the amount of oxygen he actually requires tells them more than the x-rays sometimes. God is truly amazing...I feel we are getting closer every day to Andrew being at home.

Hannah, Hollise, and Houston love being back in school. We love it too because they're finally just as tired as we are after supper, lol.

**Watch the slide of pics even after it shows the ones on the page bc there are more coming.

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Kelly said...

Michelle, thank you so much for keep up your blog! I'm so glad that I get a chance to see Hannah, Hollis, and Houston grow up. And I'm very excited that Andrew is doing better!! He is so cute!! Kelly