Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drew is officially the coolest kid in the NICU

Oh no!! Mom has covered my hands...where did they go???
I love my hands

Mommy fixing my tubes :)

Daddy and my new swing

Check out his new swing!! Drew is now 4 weeks old and as I said before he's staying awake more often. He needed something to keep him occupied. He gets so relaxed after his afternoon feeding in this swing.

He's still on the nasal cannula, but he really is doing great. One of his Respiratory Therapist talked to us about the amount of oxygen he has been on and explained some of this to us. We just didn't understand why he had been doing great around 30% and the last day or two he's been on 6o% or around that. I was actually worried he was going backwards with this. But this isn't the case. He's only on 100ml of flow per minute of the percentage of oxygen. So the RT said this is like standing on one side of the room and blowing him a puff of breath and him catching's really very little. He said at this rate with the 100ml of flow it's really the flow he's needing more than the oxygen (probably). He just needs that push into his lungs rather than him taking that full breath alone. This made us feel much better about everything. He just needs time to grow his lungs and we'll be just fine with waiting on God's timing and Drew's. Although I have to admit it's very hard.

His doctor will probably do another x-ray of his lungs on Friday along with checking his blood gases and checking for infections. He doesn't show any signs of infection, it's just a precaution and normal procedure. The amount of oxygen he requires actually tells them more day-to-day what's going on with his lungs rather than an x-ray. The x-ray just confirms the direction things are going right now. So we'll just have to see.

Lisa, thank you so much for taking time to make dinner for our family. We were able to have leftovers too...and the corn casserole was awesome!

So, Drew has had a big week meeting his Mimi on Monday, GrandMama on Tuesday, and today he gets to meet his Gammy. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of him with each of them. I wanted to wait to be able show them all at once...I'm weird I know.


Lisa McReynolds said...

Awww, you're welcome sweety!! Anytime. If you ever need anything, let us know!
I'm so glad that he's doing better everyday and thanks for keeping us updated through your blog.

Tennille said...

He's just too cute!! Love that swing and of course he's the coolest kid-Would you have it any other way?!?!?

I see you have a little pony tail too- love it!!!